The A.S.C.C. (Adirondack Stock Car Club) governed the
Jefferson County Fairgrounds track in Watertown
through 1955 and then was overtaken by the N.S.C.C.
(Northern Stock Car Club) in in 1956. Through the
Flathead Era, Watertown was one of the signature
tracks in New York State boasting such competitors
as  'The Copper City Cowboy' Cliff Kotary, Dutt Yanni,
Bob and Dick Zeigler, Dick May, Don June, Frank
Andre, Neil Tooley, Fred Gibson, Woody Van Order,
Gary Reddick and a host of others which made the
competition some of the toughest in the state, as well
as Canada. Rugged cars often in excess of 2500 lbs.
powered by high revving 250 cubic inch flatheads
were the norm on the rugged half miler that was
described as gritty, rough and at times, dusty.  The
Association stuck with the flatheads through the
1966 season and the competitors that raced at the
track were more often than not, (just like Waterloo)
ahead of the curve when it came to the racing
flathead. The overhead era was no different and
boasted names like Hinman, LaRoux, Robinson,
Reddick and McCreadie. Here are some of the cars
that made history at the track.
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