These photos are from the collection of Robert Danough and were
given to me to share with you by Rod Nacewicz. There are some
pictures here that appear in the 'Heroes of Watertown Speedway' book
by David Stoodley as well, and he has also given his blessing to share
them. They are from the 1950's at Watertown Speedway, many thanks
to Bob, David and Rod.
Bob Danough, Race Car Driver.
An early Danough ride.
Pretty sharp Ford.
Allen Shirley.
Brud Willey.
Bashful Norm Jones.
Bernie Davis.
Chuck Forbes.
Chet Holman.
Chuck Mahoney.
More to come...
Updates 6/22/2010
Bernie Ingersoll.
Chuck Mahoney on fender with Bill Burton.
Bob Danough - Oil Change..
I've heard that cars can climb trees..
Chuck Forbes.
Bud Laribee.
Chuck Kotwicka.
Cliff Wright.
Updates 7/8/2010
Bob Miller.
Bruce Swain.
Bobby Zeigler.
Clarence ~Speedy~ Williamson.
Cliff Carr 9 and Sam Johnson 3 get together.
Doug Atkinson.
Justin ~Dutt~ Yanni.
Herb Eveleigh.
Updates 7/15/2010
Chuck Mahoney looks none the worse for wear..
Cliff Wright has had a tough day.
Doug Howell in what looks like an early Pop Enders entry.
Bernie Davis.
Allen Shirley with the Bulldog and Woo Woo.
Bob Danough.
Chuck Forbes.
Frank Ellinger.