These are collections from past Watertown competitors such as Cliff
Kotary, Dick (and Joni) May, Bob and Mike Hayslett, and Paul Shirley
amongst others. They give a taste of the types of cars prevalent at the
Speedway during the Flathead as well as the overhead Era's.
Confident, but tired, Cliff Kotary. Bill Dudley collection.
Frank Andre unloads, Dave Strachan photo.
Paul Shirley with the 10 Pins, Shirley Collection.
Paul Shirley in the 99, Shirley collection.
Paul Shirley in his first car, Paul Shirley collection.
'Mad' Marv Shaber. Bob Hunter Photo.
Allen Shirley, courtesy of Paul Shirley.
Dick Zeigler. Courtesy of Bill Dudley.
Dutt Yanni. Courtesy of Mike Hayslett.
Good guy Don June. Bob Hunter photo.
Huey Connat has backed the Suzy 2 into the fence. Courtesy of Dave Stoodley.
Dick May in 1962. Bob Hunter photo.
More to come...
Update 2/7/10
Watertown Reunion 2008 - Fast Freddy Borrisow, Bob Zeigler and Dick May.
Adrian Falth - Bob Hunter Photo.
The B29 rolls in - Joni May Picture.
Bill Maxson drove the B28 for Bob Hayslett. Mike Hayslett Photo.
Ronnie Dwyer - Bill Dudley Photo.
Dutt Yanni - Bill Dudley Photo.
The Suzy 0 - Mike Hayslett Photo.
Woody Van Order. Mike Hayslett Photo.
Cliff Kotary - before the X was added at Waterloo the car was raced at Watertown. Kotary Collection.