These are collections from past Waterloo competitors such as Cliff
Kotary, John McArdell and Larry Nye amongst others.  They give a
taste of the types of cars prevalent at both the Speedway and the
State Fair Race @ Syracuse during the Flathead Era.
1966 Program, courtesy of Dave Allen.
Wee Willie edges out the Leanin 11 of McArdell and Three Aces of Reakes.
Dick Emerson's 13 in a backyard shot. Courtesy of John McArdell.
Bob Chick's 00 pulls in. Photo courtesy of Chuck Brownell.
Gale McArdell, courtesy of John McArdell.
'Fireball' John Roberts pulls in with his Hudson. Courtesy of Chuck Brownell.
'Wee Willie' Allan was big in the seat. Courtesy of John McArdell.
Bobby Cain's 'Flying Bathtub' - weighed in @ 1700 Lb. Courtesy of Dave Allen.
Cliff Kotary in the 60X. Courtesy of Cliff and Roy Kotary.
Gordy Wood in his Plymouth. Courtesy of Gordy Wood.
Tough night for Larry Nye in the Pop Enders 150. Gater News.
Johnny McArdell in the 'Leanin' 11' coupe cops a flag. Bob Hunter photo courtesy of John McArdell.
Whitey Brazak's 111 pulls in for Sammy Reakes to pilot. Courtesy of Chuck Brownell.
More to come..
Points as of Sept, 3, 1966.
Dick Treat, courtesy of John McArdell.
Updates 12/9/06
1965 Cavalcade of Auto Racing.
Cliff Kotary congratulates Sammy Reakes in 1962, Roy Kotary in background. Courtesy of Cliff and Roy Kotary.
John McArdell's first win at Waterloo. McArdell collection.
John Roberts with his Hudson sedan and the flag. McArdell collection.
John Pitifer of Auburn pulls in with Gordy Wood's mount. Photo courtesy of Chuck Brownell.
Larry Nye has the Pop Enders Sedan in victory lane, 1962. Courtesy of Larry Nye.
Updates 12/23/06
Wee Willie Allan pulls in, coourtesy of Chuck Brownell.
John McArdell with the former Kotary 60x, McArdell collection.
Mike Miller's #55 chevy coupe, courtesy of Chuck Brownell.
Rollie Velte in the Vitti 99, McArdell collection.
Cliff Kotary with his 60X, courtesy of Chuck Brownell.
Screamin' Sam Reakes with Whitey Brazak's 111, Bob Hunter Photo.
Glenn Reiners.