This website has only been made possible through
the efforts of Nicole Jenks who's patience during
this process has been unwavering. She has created
all of the layout and coordinated each page and
links to my wishes which is no easy task, especially
with me hovering over her shoulder. I want to thank
her for making this website a reality.
The photographs on this website have been contributed through many
sources either through collections covering many years or recent
contributions of friends. It is the intent of this website to credit all of the
attached although many are credited as a 'best guess'. If you see a photo
that is not credited and are aware of the photographer, please let me
know and I'll make the correction or addition as needed. You'll note that
many of the photo's do not have captions, this was done as a space
savings technique in order to get more photo's on a certain page. On these
photo's simply place your mouse over the photo to read the credit. The
photo's on this site are for our viewers pleasure only, they are not for
re-sale and we kindly ask that you do not attempt to download them. I
received permission to display these photo's with the agreement that we
protect them. I have done our best to uphold this agreement and only ask
that you respect our wishes for this arrangement to continue. If you wish
to purchase any of these photo's, then please refer to the listings below
and contact the copyright holder for a nice, sharp, original photograph
that will be of superior quality to any on this site. You will also please
note that our site is copyrighted 2006.
OK - that said, here are the MASCC members and friends who have
contributed photograph's to our site: Richard Ackerman, Richard and
Sharon Parry, (as well as from their website; Coupes and Coaches), Larry
Witter, Jim Hilimire, Tom Witter, Gary Wood, Mel Ogden, Bill Marsh, Dave
Conde, John Flach, Henry Hannewyck, Kevin Christopher, Hank Robbins
and Carl Carpenter who contributed his entire collection for our club
history page. I threw in a couple also.
Listed below are the copyright holders and photographers from which we
have received permission to display the photographs which show our car's
and members links to the past. Without their generosity, our site would
not be nearly as rich.                                         Jeff Ackerman
Photographer / Copyright
Kim Jennejohn     5961
Lasher Rd.  Wolcott,
NY  14590                
(315) 594-9566
Bob Hunter's Photo's
Watertown, Waterloo, NYS
Fairgrounds, the Flathead
era and beyond.
Gater Racing Photo News  
Joe and Norm Patrick       
P.O. Box 2187
(315) 457-0175
NYS Premier Racing
Photo News
John Grady
John's been taking photo's
since the '50's, his catalog
includes Russ Bergh and
Fred Smith photo's as well
as his own.
John Grady                      2138
Primrose Ln.           Schenectady, NY
12309  (518) 393-5803                
Ted Schmidt                     
tedracefan@adelphia.net (570) 341-9408
Fred Smith Photos. Ted is
a fellow Gater columnist  
as well as Penn-Can and
Skyline photographer.
Otto Graham                      P.O Box
177                     West Burlington,
NY 13482  (607) 965-8038
One of the nicest
nostalgic  sites on the
web. Great photographer
to boot.
Richard and Sharon
Dave Conde
Coupes and Coaches,
another nice look down
memory lane.
Midstate Photographer
and beyond, excellent
action shots,
contemporary and
Joe Alexander                   
bigjoeand bj@verizon.net
David Stoodley                
12956 Cty. Rte 66            
Adams Center, NY 13606
(315) 583-5286  
Author of "The Legends of A
Watertown Speedway" - an
excellent record of the
legendary track with many
photos, available through
DCS Sports Publications and
Turn 5 Photo & Video      
PO Box 620233                 
Las Vegas, NV  
Author of "Lancaster
Heroes" another must have
as well as copyright holder
of Gordon Reinig's
Lancaster Photo's. Note: Ted
Schmidt now owns Turn 5.
Wayne Emm                    
1317 Carbon St.               
Syracuse, NY 13208
Proprietor of the Nan-Way
Speed Shop and Newsletter
which promotes all types of
racing in Central NY.
Although I'm sure that even though the pictures have no
identification, these photographers assuredly took some
of the photographs diplayed:
Dan Bury
Don Edds
Jim Feeney
There's probably more, just let us know through the
contact page and we'll add the credits.

Lastly, the deceased photgraphers whose photo's are their
Fred Smith, West Windsor, NY
Don Phoenix, New Berlin, NY
Rex Chase, New Berlin, NY
John Demetry, Neversink, NY

Thank - You to all.  
Mouseville Monster
Stitch Mariano, Don Phoenix photo
Stan Lupka, Don Phoenix photo
Updates 2/18/2007
I've been remiss lately in crediting contributors to this site, there have
been many in the past nine months since we have launched and our site
is only richer due to these people taking the time to share their
collections. We'd like to thank all: (in no particular order), Members and
Friends; Pat Hanley, Tom Burns, Mark Terry, Jim Florance, Bob Lupka,  
John Mason, Gary Aldich, Alan Weaver, Denny Moore, Chuck Brownell,
John Clark, and Jack Hedstrom. We'd also like to thank former
competitors; Charles Akulis, Dutch Hoag, Don Diffendorf, thanks to all.
Recent contributors that have greatly enriched our site include former
racer and fan Steve Bronson, car owner John Mooney's son Jay, and
Darrel Welty with his entire collection of his father's photo's. Thank you
to all for your generosity.