Readers Submitted Photo's
Fred Smith collection.
Joe Donahue in the Cole Conk Spl., courtesy of Mel Ogden.
Harold Owen, courtesy of Mel Ogden.
'Bullet' Bill Stroshal sits in the McClure #15, courtesy of Mel  Ogden.
These images have been contributed by our readers as well
as former drivers. Included are photo's from Fred Smith and
Mel Ogden as well as programs and display the wide variety
of cars that competed at the fast half mile in Owego, NY.
Ronnie Broad @ the SCSCC Event in 1962.
Chuck Kime won the event this day.
Tommy Ellis, 1962 - Courtesy of Mel Ogden
Art Bennet, Richard Mosher Photo, 1965 Program
Mike Zopp's last win was a close one over Dutch Hoag.
1965 Program.
Nolan Swift, Richard Mosher Photo.
John Manny, Don Diffendorf and Richard Manny. Diffendorf collection.
Two of the best guys you could meet, Dif and Dutch. Diffendorf collection.
Fred Smith Photo.
Dutch leads, Bullet Bill lifts a wheel and Dif is charging.
Ted Wrench's on the Tc9 as Joe Donahue poses. Fred Smith Photo.
Great shot of Joe Buchek, 1969 Program.
Larry Huff in a former Turner coupe. Fred Smith Photo
Zopp, Shampine, Hayes and Sweeny have tangled on the backstretch. Fred Smith Photo
Bob Gentile in the 'Hot Dog' Spl. Fred Smith Photo
More to come..
Additions 12/31/2006
Don Diffendorf with his North Carolina coupe,Fred Smith Photo, Diffendorf collection.
Mike Loescher, Fred Smith Photo, Diffendorf collection.
Dave Nichols, Fred Smith Photo.
Jean Guy Chartrand, Fred Smith Photo.
Roy Sova, Fred Smith Photo.
Bucky Buchanan, Bob Hunter Photo.
Jarry Hayes, May 31, 1969 Program.
Additions 1/28/2007
Don Diffendorf in the Manny 10-10 Super, a former Dave Paul Oswego classic winner. Richard Mosher Photo, courtesy of Gary Gitchell.
Diff has just copped a 100 lapper on a hot day, Fred Smith Photo courtesy of Don Diffendorf.
Dif wins in Jerry Hayes ride, effectively giving Jerry the points championship in 1968, Fred Smith Photo courtesy of Don Diffendorf.
Chuck Akulis in the 131, Fred Smith Photo courtesy of Charles Akulis.
Geoff Bodine in 1974, Fred Smith Photo.
Ronnie Wallace aside his super. Richard Mosher Photo.
Ben Stephens, Fred Smith Photo.
1971 Yearbook, courtesy of Dutch Hoag.
1970 Program.
Greame Bolia. Bob Hunter Photo.