Courtesy of Dale Smith.
1950 Shangri-La Program, courtesy of Dale Smith.
Shangri-La - An
imaginary paradise on earth;
utopia. The track itself was not
imaginary but rather, a reality
for over 4000 fans weekly
during it's heyday. The track
opened during the AAA
sanctioning days as a 'Big Car'
(sprints) speedway, effectively
replacing the Campville (dirt
surfaced) track down the road.
The track was paved and
always offered the fan of auto
racing an opportunity to
attend a race in 'your Sunday
suit.' Many top  Big Car,
Supermodified, Modified,
Modern and Late Model
drivers graced the track
through it's history. The
names explain the ticket sales:
Hoag, Diffendorf, Shampine,
Evans, Cook, Kent, Stroshal,
Hayes, Cook, Swift, Bennet,
Bodine, Zacharias; the names
are synonymous  with
greatness on the track. Here
are some memories of the
asphalt oval's history.
Fred Smith collection.