Midstate Antique Stock Car Club
May 5th - Rhinebeck Car Show, Rhinebeck, NY

May 26th - Norwich Car Show, Norwich, NY

June 9th - Thunder Mountain, Lisle, NY

June 16th, SkyLine, Blodgett Mills, NY

June 30th, Afton, Vintage Palooza, Afton, NY

June 30th, 5 Mile Point, Heath Memorial, Kirkwood, NY

July 12-15th - Madison County Fair - Brookfield, NY

July 20th - Penn Can - Susquehanna, Pa. - Legends of Penn Can

July 28th - Bridgewater Car Show, Bridgewater, NY

July 28th - Fonda Speedway, Fonda, NY - HOF Night

July 28th - Kirkwood - Former Drivers Reunion & 5MP

July 31st - August 4th  - Otsego County Fair, Morris, NY

September 16th - C.N.Y.S.C. Flea Market & Hall of Fame Induction, Morris,

September 29th - Wheel Days @ Madison County Fair, Brookfield, NY