~ Ron Narducci ~
Fred Smith Photo.
At some point, I'll finish the interview/article I did with Ron this
past winter, until then - here are a few pictures he shared with
me. Ron raced at many a track, starting in Ovid, to Waterloo
then back to his Connecticut stomping grounds of Stafford and
Waterford. Then onto NASCAR at Fonda, the All-Star League
and finally finishing up back  nearly where he started at
Weedsport. His racing career followed a very interesting path -
here are some of the cars that crossed it..
Your 1956 Waterloo Track Champ - Ron Narducci.
Stafford 1960.
Bill Slater in the Sharkey 44
Dick Dunn, Waterford 1963
More to come...
Don Wayman at Stafford.