Winter 2013. OK - late Fall....

Well - that's a little
embarrassing... apparently
my irreplaceable prose has
been lost to the internet
gods...POOF! Gone.
Oh well - here's wot I
This Picture here>>>>>>>>>>
is Danbury either 1949 or
1950 when the Moat for
Speedboat racing was in use.

Duke Dinsmore with the
football helmet>>>>>>>>>>
Courtesy of Eastern Mutual
Racing Museum.

Went to Hershey and got
soaked, so we ended up at the
EMRC, I love their engine

A bug from the EMRC

Brandy new '40 Coupe at

Wall Stadium 6 Cylinder
Championship car for sale at
Hershey, had a quickie in it,

Joe Sellars with the
'Henderson Special' in Owego.

Twisted Ford front axles at

Went to Detroit over
Thanksgiving to see my sister.
And we made it to the Ford
Museum. #999>>>>>>>>>>>>

Also made it to the Hudson
Museum in Ypsilanti. This is
Iggy Katona.>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Marshall Teagues camshaft.>>

A Smokey Yunick / Marshall
Teague "H" Power Hudson,
the relief was beautiful.>>>>

Ford Flivver.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Harry Millers ill fated
partnership with Ford at Indy
for 1935.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Karl Kiekhaeffer's 300
Chrysler, won a lot in '56.>>>>

AJ Foyt's Sprinter.>>>>>>>>

A local rail dragster, bored,
stroked, injection, mag, the
whole works = 200 HP.>>>>

Tom Beatty Bellytank.>>>>>>

Below are a Tucker drawing,
and the real thing, an early
V8, plus the X-8 and V-8
block from 1928, and my
parents with the Oscar Mayer
WeinerMobile. Hurray!
Danbury Midgets
Duke Dinsmore in Spaulding Football Helmet
HOw did they get in these things...
Brand new 40 coupe
Hershey Stude
Joe Sellars Henderson Spl.
Twisted Sister..
Ford's 999
Iggy Katona - Detroit Wheelman
Marshall Teague's Cam - Looks like a 404..
Hudson Hornet
Ford Flivver
35 Miller Ford
KiekHaefer 300
Bowes Seal fast
Flathead Dragster
Tom Beatty Streamliner
320 Cubic Inches with injection equals 220 horsepower...
Tucker drawing
Tucker car
Expiramental V8
X8 and V8
I wish I was a..
Winter 2013
~ Road Trips ~