Winter 2012-2013
~ Road Trips ~
Winter 2012/2013. It's
been a long winter but I'm
not telling you anything you
don't know. Seemed to drag
on extra long this year.
Finally with spring peeking
out now I feel like getting
out and about more. Not
that my job doesn't give me
many opportunities to get
out and about...just haven't
gotten out as much on
racing related trips. The
season is coming right up
now so that'll change, but I
guess between a busy
schedule, the price of gas
and general lousy weather, I
didn't get around to as
many places as I usually do.
Quality over quantity. I
made several trips to my
folks and we are now
finishing up on the Suzy 0
which has been very
rewarding. I know just how
fortunate I am to be able to
work well with my father on
a project like this - in close
quarters - and still be able
to talk with him afterward.
Years of experience with
each other has taught us
each tolerance and makes
the experience all that
much better. Another
highlight of the winter
would be my trips to Dave
Richards' Route 38 Machine
Shop. Dave has been in
process of turning his rear
shop into a steam powered,
period correct, belt driven
shop with machine tools
from the turn of the (20th)
century. It's like walking
back in time when you go
back there. His goal is to be
fully functional off grid, and
he's close. The belt and
pulley system he's devised
is not only clever, but works
well, and drives nearly every
machine in this section of
the shop. Up front he is on
grid doing his usual, spot on
machine work on vintage
engines or what ever a
customer wants. Dave just
completed installing new
guides and valves I'd been
collecting for my Ardun
project and he did his usual
bang up job, then treated
me right on price. I just got
Thumper back so there's a
trip to Dave's in my near
future with some flathead
blocks that need machine
work beyond me..
 My latest trip was to the
Midstate Vintage Spring
Meeting - good to see old
friends and discuss the
clubs future.. we didn't
actually do anything about
it but we did discuss it. And
I think that as the club
evolves there will be more
changes, I hope they are all
for the better. Afterward my
father and I visited with Bil
Marsh and went over the
blower project. Bill's made
good progress and is now
planning the next stage. No
rush, sooner or later all this
stuff will come together.
Another good winter behind
us, onto Norwich and the
Work work work
Bill Marsh