Wampsville and
Brookfield Wheel Days
~ Road Trips ~
   Wampsville &
Brookfield Wheel Days
. On
Thursday, September 8th,
our area was hit with
widespread flooding. Over 9
inches of rain fell in a 24
hour period and it wreaked
havoc on soil that was
already heavily saturated
with water. Especially hard
hit were Owego, Appalachin,
Endicott, Johnson City,
Vestal, Conklin,
Binghamton, Candor - you
get the idea - it was bad
everywhere and many have
lost their homes. It really
hits you when you see the
helicopters coming in the
evacuate people, and watch
as National Guard trucks
filled with people pass by.
Since then, when they've
been allowed to, home
owners are putting their
ruined belongings out to the
curb.  It's stuff that peoples
lives have been made of and
it's tough to see. The flood of
2006 was bad, this one was
worse. I hope everyone who
was affected is recovering.
 Roads were still closed the
following weekend, and I
decided not to tow a car. My
parents wanted to go to
Wampsville and I'd never
been so I hitched a ride with
them as Sonny Stickles took
the Monster to Morris.
Wampsville is simply a huge
show, lots of cars and parts.
It was a warm, almost muggy
day as we piled into Mom's
1952 Plymouth - nice car
but it take a bit getting used
to. The Flathead 6 has
plenty of power and it really
is a fun car. The show did
not disappoint, we found
little in the way of Flathead
stuff  - a Melling dual point
cap and an Ardun (original)
Brochure. The stuff has
dried up. More interestingly,
we ran into Mel Ogden, who
I asked if he had taken any
cars to Morris. "Nope." Well,
then did John or Mike take
his cars? "Nope, and they're
here." Hmmm. Sure enough,
here comes Mike Newell and
John Mason - and we have
an impromptu meeting right
there. Between that show
and Brookfield this past
week, it sounds as though
there may be some changes
made this coming year....
 Wampsville was a great
show, if you couldn't find a
car you liked there, you
weren't looking very hard.
This past week I decided to
meet Dad and head to
Wheel Days at Brookfield.
This used to be a huge event
for us, we'd have 50 cars in
the pits and hold (4) feature
races in a full card of races.
No more. Still, Richard Parry
had his car and trailer on
hand, the 53 rail frame
(didn't get the fellows name)
was there, we brought the
S33, Sonny had the Monster
and John Mason showed up
with the #196. Good show,
we had more cars there than
anyone else and it was
appreciated by what people
attended. Also got to see the
1928 Indian Scout that is
now on the grounds, nice
bike. Willie Wightman's boys
made the show and it was
cool to hear Willie describe
the racing of his day, "I had
$90.00 in my car when it
was done. It was a lot of fun
back then, we all had about
the same stuff and it was all
pretty much local guys.
Maybe a few from Norwich,
but we knew everyone and
everybody got along real
well, Kinda like this deal
here today. Everybody
helped each other out and
we got to where we could
run pretty close." It was good
to see him enjoying the day
with his sons, just like I was
with my father. A good pair
of days.    
Headed to Wampsville.
Mom's in back.
Dad's driving.
Betcha this Chrysler ride nice, must weigh 5000 pounds..
Betcha this rides low..
Betcha this thing is fast..
The Monster ready for Morris.
Not a bad price..
Mechanical Brakes!
Supercharged. It's only money...
I liked this.
Brookefield display.
Rich Parry's Falcon.
Chuck Jones.
Dad in the Monster.
1928 indian Scout is nice.
John Mason.
The S33.
Sonny Stickles, Dad and Willie Wightman.
Willie and his little boys...