Summer 2018
~ Road Trips ~
     2018 was another enjoyable year for the club which means all
expectations were met. After all, we do this for fun. There is no payoff, no
trophy, no trophy girl or screams from adoring fans for the members of
this club. Our purpose remains the same, to preserve Stock Cars and
present them to the public as 'period correct' as we possibly can. We're
not racing them, just showing them off and answering questions we
receive in as diplomatic fashion as possible.... ("no kid, you can't drive
it...but you can sit in it so long as you don't hit any buttons..").
     We made all the usual haunts with all the usual suspects. Even
added a suspect or two. We plan to do the same this year. There is a
satisfaction that comes from building cars like this - creating with your
own hands what many craftsman did in the 1950's and 1960's - building
cars to go fast and compete from stock components and modifying them.
This is a no billet club. You can't just buy one of these or put one
together with a crescent wrench. There is a satisfaction in towing them to
the track on an open trailer, waving to well wishers on the way and
returning thumbs ups. It's a time honored tradition and good
advertisement. And there is a satisfaction in seeing the knowledgable
race fan look over your car, and compliment your work, or point and say
to a grandson - "this is the real deal". It is. There is great joy to share
these moments with other members who have the same love of these cars
and the memories of them racing - then to take them out for a few
exhibition laps producing a perma-smile that lasts the rest of the night.
Those of you who hit the hot dog stand during our exhibition should take
note, you won't see cars like this again all year. These cars are the real
roots of stock cars racing, all the rest are just fruits... There is a
satisfaction, and laughs to be had again when loading up afterward, the
car in one piece along with your friendships. It's a good club, one that
preserves and presents authentic history - and that's how it should be.
     These are photographs from our 2018 season, we made it to Norwich,
Thunder Mountain, 5MP, Penn Can, Morris and Brookfield this season
past. We will be going to all of these places again in 2019. Maybe we'll see
you there, but don't ask to drive...
Norwich Car Show
Thunder Mountain
Five Mile Point
Madison County Fair
Penn Can
Kirkwood ReUnion