Summer 2016
~ Road Trips ~
Summer 2016 – Man,
where’d it go? Poof, it’s
gone. Seems like just
yesterday we were
getting ready for
another season and
now, in the dog days of
the summer, we’re
prepping for our
Superbowl and I’m
looking forward to
another Packer’s
season… Summer does
go quickly, too quickly..
It’s been a great
season, kicked off with
the Kirkwood Racing
history presentation
given by Professor Gary
George. This was held
at the Fire Department
in Kirkwood and was
extremely well attended
– standing room only!
And did Gary have
help! I saw Joe Buchek
and Jim Zacharias up
front and figured he
was in trouble if he
didn’t have his facts
right… He was right,
most of the time, but
brother when he wasn’
t…. It was a very
pleasurable evening,
filled with photo’s of
Kirkwood Speedway
prior to  WWII and let
me tell you, those guys
had big kahuna’s…
skinny tires, wire spoke
wheels, no cage, paper-
mache’  helmets and a
brown belt – if you
dared use it, most felt
they were better off
getting tossed clear of
the car… Learned a lot
– and how competitive
was the go kart racing
in the 50’s in
Kirkwood?? John
Mason had his Model A
Akulis coupe and we
brought the Teardrop
and Mouseville Monster
From there it was on to
5MP where it was
snowing when we hit
the track.. A good
showing by our group –
the weather didn’t co-
operate but the track
time was fun and I
learned I needed either
a little more than a 90
HP flatty, or at least a
little more gear…
President Rick Parry set
up his rolling Mini-
Museum to great effect
and has continued
throughout the
summer at each event.
Dale Pitcher’s nephew
Cody “won” the “race”
and took the checkered
with great smiles all
The Norwich car show
was productive as
always, parts wise at
least. Always treasure
to be found there, this
year a ’35 windshield
frame, some adjustable
lifters and fenders,
‘beauty is in the eye of
the beholder’….. Again
a good club turnout,
Mike Newell, Matt
Theis, John Mason,
Rick Parry and the
Ackerman’s all made
the show.
Afton was another
great turnout of cars as
Jim Mitchell joined us
as well. It seems like
every year that we
show up, more and
more people take notice
and thank us for
bringing out the cars, it’
s much appreciated by
club members.
Naturally, everyone
wants to be wanted, it’s
nice to hear the
compliments. Track
time at Afton was
awesome. Big shit
eating grins were the
rule. We must’ve done
20 laps. And this time I
put the Teardrop in
high gear and leaned
into it a little.. still no
match for the Monster
or Dales car but John
and I had a blast – we
were still laughing as
we pulled them on the
haulers… Great time.
Madison County Fair,
Brookfield, NY – John
Mason, Richard Parry,
Dave Conde and Dad
all took cars to the
fairgrounds. Dave’s
entry was the first
showing of his ’49 Ford
and very nicely
appointed. I’ve got to
get some of these cars
added to our roster, I
have been re-miss….
Thunder Mountain was
a trial for Jim Hilimire.
Flat tires and balky
race cars were the
order of his day..
Initially he was
bringing two cars, that
changed en-route with
a shredded sneaker,
down to one he was
naturally late but the
McArdell sedan looked
great. Unfortunately it
never quite made the
track as the clutch
linkage gave out at the
track entry. Some days
you’re the dog, other’s
you’re the hydrant…
The Teardrop likes high
gear better and Dads
S33 couldn’t catch me,
Dale’s car went over
well as did Richards
museum, great night
Penn Can – Mike
Newell made it out with
the Akulis Pink Panther
Pinto and has done
another fine job of
restoration. It’s a
stunner. Dad brought
out the P-13, I had the
Teardrop again and
John had the Akulis
Model A – this time we
not only got track time
(the Teardrop was the
only one handling… it
was a little slick) but
also paced the Modified
Feature. I hope we didn’
t foul anyone’s plugs….
Otsego County Fair –
Morris, NY – John
Mason, Mike Newell,
Richard Parry and Pete
Stafford outdid
themselves once more
with a fantastic display
of race-cars for the
(nearly) week long Fair.
Brent Cobb, Mel Ogden
and Richard Ackerman
also supplied cars for
the event which was
well attended and
appreciated. I heard a
lot if young boys (and
girls) say, “I wanna
drive that one!”
As always, pictures
(actions) speak louder
than words and with
that, I’ll leave you to
the pictures and get
back to SuperBowl