~ Road Trips ~
Summer 2013
Summer 2013. It's been a
busy summer for us as we've
made trips to many venues.
We started with the
Memorial at 5 Mile Point
it was a great night of racing
and reminiscing with former
racers. We ran into Stub
Stevens and Jerry Whitmarsh
to name a few but there were
many others with questions
about our cars and the
flatheads. Next up was the
Brookfield Fair where we ran
into several friends: Gene
Cole, Brett Belden, Dick
Schoonover, John Clark, John
Mason, Jon Button and we got
to meet Norm Schmidlin as
well. Norm and his friend
Dean Palmer and Dick Valerio
followed us home and Dad
gave them the nickel tour,
great time. Like it's been said
many times, a bad day fishin'
beats workin' - and any day at
a race track, even a defunct
one, beats workin' too...
Next up was
Shangri-La II - a
beautiful facility that had the
drag strip and circle track
active on Shirley Zacharias
night. Again we brought two
cars for viewing under the
grandstands and had several
visitors. I like to do Car shows
also and made it to two shows
Owego at Hickories Park, a
short tow for me, and an
opportunity to see what
other's are doing as well as
scrounge parts. Parts
scrounging is getting
tougher.... For legends night
Penn Can Dad decided to
get the Model A out and try it,
I stuck with the Suzy 0 and
ran into the Beagell Brothers
as well as Stubby, Bob Page
and Arden Hollister - all
successful runners at the Can.
John Mason was also on hand
with his Hinman bug - I think
we did better than Dad as the
Model A was pretty tired. And
no-body had anything for the
lone NorthEast Modified car
who walked off with the 'show'.
Utica-Rome was next on the
schedule and again we had a
great time showing off our
cars. Roy Kotary found us and
we spent a real good time
again watching the 50 lappers.
John Mason, the Perrys, the
Clarks, Pete Lazzaro, Chuck
Jones and Dave Lape all
brought cars for Jerry Cook
and Dave Lape night. It was
good to see Ronnie Narducci,
Bill Wimble, Otto Graham and
Gene Cole as well - many
thanks to Barb Clark for
having us again. After the
Penn Can run Dad pulled
down his engine and rebuilt it
for and added date at
Afton. I
even dusted off the old B29 -
added a bottle of Moroso
ceramic sealer (great stuff) and
cleaned out the fuel lines. And
crossed my fingers... it
worked. At least for one race...
we got together at Afton and
had a great time - no
bickering, no BS, just race -
like it should be. Earl
Mewhorter brought his
Camaro out, John Mason
risked his #33, Dad with the
43a, Tex Gorden out for the
first time with his rail job,
Brent Cobb out for the first
time this year, Kavin Winton
with his 6, Mike Cole with the
#29 and my B29. We had a
good race with Kavin showing
that a good 250 with a 4 barrel
intake and 4412 is stronger
than our best as he took first.
I was pleased with 2nd, Mike
was third and John 4th. ACOT
was also on hand and we got
to meet Bruce Carman - (was
anyone ever more
appropriately named?) and
Bud Hinman knocked down
the feature win. Great night.
Many thanks to Jamie Page
for having us, we hope to do it
again. And we'd also like to
thank 5 Mile Point, Penn Can
and Utica Rome Speedway for
having us this past summer,
we had a good time
everywhere we went - and we
appreciate it. Looking forward
to our next event - the
Central New York Stock Car
Hall of Fame Induction on
Sept. 22 in Morris. See you
5 Mile Point
Stub Stevens, Dad & Jerry Whitmarsh
Chuck Akulis, Mike Colsten, Carl Nagel. Congrats to Mike on his 5MP Championship.
Joe Donahue Jr. & his son.
Dave Conde & Dad with John Mason's Henry J.
Dean Palmer, Dick Valerio, Norm Schmidlin
Shangri-La 2
Shangri-La 2
Big Kid Tom Schwartz
Bucky Buchanan's Kid
Vingtage Club
Penn Can
Penn Can
Norm Winton
Gary, Roger & Don Beagell
Bob Page, Stub and Arden Hollister
Penn Can
Dad, Barb Clark & Gene Cole at UR
Pete Lazzaro
Me & Pete
Dave Lape
Ron Narducci & Otto
Dad, Roy Kotary, John Clark & John Mason
John Clark's #10
Rick & Sharon Parry's #37
JOhn Mason's 33
Earl Mewhorter @ Afton
Kavin Winton
John Mason
Brent Cobb
Mike Cole
Bruce Carman
Bruce Carman
During the summer, Dad got a hankering for a Studebaker. Inquiries
were made and with the help of some friends, he came up with the former
Vern Angel #20 Stude that was driven at Utica-Rome by Cliff Kotary. It's
rough. Really rough, even by our standards. None the less, it's what is left
and with a donor car it'll become a future project. At Utica-Rome we were
approached by Fran Connelly who bestowed us with the following photo's
of the car and it's original driver, Maynard Smith. Maynard found the wall
one night and apparently lost his seat to Cliff. Many thanks to Fran for
the pictures.
Ruff...a real dog
Maynard Smith
Maynard smokes tha wall @ UR
Cliff Kotary
Lastly - many thanks to John Mason for the beautiful Don Phoenix photo
taken of
Moose Cary & the Mouseville Monster at Midstate in 1962.
Moose the Mouseville Monster