Spring 2014
~ Road Trips ~
Spring 2014. After a
successful CNYHOF induction
this past Fall, the Midstate
Antique Stock Car Club kept
it's momentum through the
winter months by holding
meetings and continued
discussions on what our
agenda should be for the
upcoming year. And, I must
say that not only were the
meetings well attended, but
enjoyable as well. I've been
going to these types of
meetings for 30 plus years
now and it had been a long
time since I had been to a
meeting where members were
poking each other, guffawing
and telling jokes, breaking
balls and laughing... it was
fun. We re-affirmed our
purpose which now reads:
"To display a rolling exhibition
of 50's, 60's and 70's era race
cars." If it was on 'em then,
then it should be on them
now. If you take a look at the
Members Cars, I think you
would agree that the club is
doing all it can to represent all
three of these decades with
accurate and authentic
restorations and re-creations
of cars long lost. You may also
notice, that in the 42 cars now
active in the club, only one
has the current drivers name
on it - and that's because
Brent Cobb was driving the 45
in the 1960's...

OK - so we're all birds of
feather, now let's get on with
honoring some more fellows
for the HOF. The club set up a
committee to handle the Hall
of Fame inductions made up of:
Mel Ogden, Brent Cobb, Dick
Ackerman, Richard Parry,
Mike Newell, John Mason and
we were to forward an invite to
Ray Bunzey who always comes
up with good candidates. We
discussed still shows and will
be participating in local tracks
'Old Timers' nights as per our
schedule. The officers from
last year stayed in place and
we have also retained all
agreements from last year as
well in reference to the Hall of
Fame Induction. In other
word's, it all went very
President: R. Parry
V.P. Mike Newell
Tres. J. Mason
Sec. S. Witter

Now, in relation to the 2014
CNY HOF, we discussed
several candidates and agreed
to induct 6 again this year.
The 2014 Inductees are;
1.) Fred Barse
2.) Harry Eckert
3.) Clyde Hewitt
4.) Linda Mewhorter
5.) Carl Nagle
6.) Ralph Raasted
I will be working up a preview
with features on each driver in
the future, needless to say,
we're very excited about the
2014 Inductees.
The event will once again be
sponsored by Gates-Cole
Insurance and will be held
Sept. 21st at the Otsego
County Fairgrounds. The Flyer
can be found

Norwich - On May 24th we
took the P-13 to the Rolling
Antiquer's show in Norwich.
The weather was nice but the
turnout was disappointing, our
car was one of only two race
cars on the field, and the other
one (my brother Tom's
ThunderBolt) was
mis-catagorized... the vendors
were down too although I did
find a great deal on some new
waterpumps and aluminum
flywheel for a 8BA. Dave
Conde and Tom Witter were
around, and I heard that Jphn
Mason was as well although
we didn't cross path's. The
P-13 drew enough curious
visitors to make it worth while,
and you don't know unless
you go so we had a good time.
Same night Richard Parry was
at Fonda for the Lou Lazzaro
Memorial Race - so over to

The Lou Lazzaro night is in
the history books. It was a
night to remember and a
hearty thanks goes out to the
Lazzaro family for this show.
Mimi, Peter and Lou done an
out standing job. There were
plenty of show cars and
memorbilia on hand for to
people to enjoy. My how the
story's were a flyin and some I
believe to be true and some,"
well you know". There was a
radio station WCSS 1400am  
that is The Racing Roundup
with Craig Moore on hand and
a prayer service by Finish Line
Chaplin  Dave Miller before we
left for the track.
Once over at the track there
was a three car display at the
main gate of Jumpin Jacks
12a, Lapes 22. and Louie's
Hall of fame ride the 4 car.  
During intermission they did a
10 lap parade on track of two
of Lou's former cars, Bruce
Dostel's 69. Frank Blanchal's
4 the gremlin, Sharon Parry's
37 and Jerry Rauliston's 96.
Modified feature time and
driver intro the sign frisbee's
and threw into the stands
then the command to start
engine's and show time 44
laps of racing paying
$4,444.44 to the winner. With
Stewart Friesen being the
winner and claiming top prize
plus the Lew Boyd donated
silver bowl.

Richard Parry

Photo's by

See you at the shows this
Unknown Southern Racer - Found this picture this winter..
Found in a gravel bed...
Dad washing the P13
Now THIS is a racecar.
At Norwich, Dave C and Tom W holding down the P13
Tom's Thunderbolt
An honest 427 sideoiler
R Parry photo
R Parry photo
R Parry photo
R Parry Photo
R Parry photo
R Parry photo
R Parry Photo
R Parry Photo
R parry Photo