~ Road Trips ~
Fall & Winter Road
Trips              2011-2012
Fall 2011. This is a three
parter... On Nov. 6th Dad and
I headed out for the annual
Lebanon Valley Swap meet,
this is the biggest race car
flea market that I know of in
New York State and there is
always something interesting
to be seen there. It was a
perfect day, some years that
we've gone it's been bone
chilling cold but this year we
could have gotten away with a
short sleeve shirt. We met in
Oneonta and I piled into
Dad's truck, I'm glad we
brought the truck... I always
look forward to these trips
with my father, it's as if we
think as one and we indulge
each other in our 'other
hobby' which is bitching...
and we don't have to involve
either of our better halves
while we're riding around
with each other. Perfect! (I'm
sure they feel the same...) On
route 20 before we get to the
track, there is a bunch of
sprint cars and midget stuff
by the side of the road - that
looks interesting and we turn
back to meet Rick Hart who is
parting with some his stuff.
Good stop, we picked up a
nice old aluminum airplane
seat - perfect for a show car, a
few tires and a Hilborn unit
for a 283. I know, I know...
but as long as we're collecting
some small block brand X
stuff, might as well get the
cool stuff, and the price was
unbelievable... It was nice to
meet Rick, who had a
complete sprinter for sale at a
reasonable price, Ford
powered no less.. Onto
Lebanon Valley and we see
several people we know here.
Down one row and there is
Jim Banks who talks Dad into
buying several of his pieces...
across from his plot is a very
nice hub, a 4C which is a 1
piece hub that looks very
much like a Safety Race,
except it's for a Buick shoe...
and it's a match for the one I
already have so now I have a
pair, and an aluminum
flywheel for the 283.....Dad
finds a radiator and we now
have enough junk to warrant
getting the truck - they let me
right in to load up which is
sweet. Back to looking around
we see Richard Appleby from
the MVSCC, the Hager's from
the Northeast Vintage
Moodified group, Mel Ogden
who's looking for a go-kart
motor - I couldn't believe the
amount of go-kart stuff for
sale... The nicest car I saw
there for sale was the 1937
Plymouth coupe, beautifully
built car, all the welds were
nice, the bodywork done, the
frame was excellent, it had
the old Chrysler Torsion Bar
suspension, really just a nice
car. I thought about it and
then it came to me - where in
god's name would I store it
and what would I do with it?
It'd be perfect for someone
who wanted a nice asphalt
show car, and it was very
reasonably priced. The '55  
Chevy next to it was nice as
well. OK - Dennis Kardos tells
Dad there's some finned
heads around so we're lookin'
- we meet Archie Banks of
Storrs, Mass. who shows us
his nicely done Chevy dual
manifold, he's interesting.
Joe Buchek is sporting a new
bike he's just picked up, he's
got a big shit eating grin on...
this kid comes up as we're
talking and want's to know if
Joe wants to buy his bike -
NO! - $5? - NO! It wasn't the
right vintage...?? I have a nice
talk with Joe and we discuss
rules changes, he says "That's
the way it is everywhere" -
he's right of course, and his
point was to just accept it and
get on with it. Joe's a good
guy, and he's probably
right.... Lastly, we see Mike
Newell and John Mason at
their booth, and look over the
old Kneisel Chassis that
Jackson just bought - next
door the fellow is giving away
tires - and Dad bites...
"Go get the truck" and we
load it full. Mike relates, 'If
you wait to 2:30 or so they all
end up in a big pile here and
you can oick out what ever
you want..." We got some
really good ones I have to
admit, better that what we've
been running. Loaded up,
we're off to Hart's again to
pick another tire he was
demounting for Dad. At his
drive I unload and repack
everything - and realize I've
lost my cell phone.
!@#$%&*@#! lets go back... I
run through the flea market
again, retracing my steps to
no avail, and finally resign
myself to the fact it's gone.
The only bummer of the trip,
we head down to Albany and
then get off at Duanesburg to
try the diner. I check the
truckbox again a lo and
behold, there it is in a tire -
whew! That was a good find, a
quick bite and we're back to
Oneonta before we know it - a
good day of scrounging... I
finally did find the heads,
tucked under a fellows arms,
they were nice and he'd made
a good deal for them, a good
 MVSCC Meeting. On Nov
12th we traveled to Brewerton
for the fall meeting of the
Midstate Vintage Stock Car
Club. First, off to the board
meeting which I'm included
in as historian. There were
certain concerns of board
members and proposals
drawn up for presentation to
the membership. Several
items were brought up, I'll
attempt to keep them brief
The club approved the
purchase of a flat screen TV
and laptop for use at car
shows and for the webmaster
respectively. Concerns over
sail panel cars were resolved
by changing the rules to
require a Detroit production
body (ie; Gremlin) and
grandfathering in cars that
had already been allowed to
race with the club. Weight of
the cars was discussed and
ultimately left unchanged. I
proposed allowing the cars
with antique engines a weight
minimum of 1800 lbs and the
proposal was narrowly
defeated. Worth a try. The
only rules that were changed
were the seatbelt rule, now
good for 5 years and the
weight rule, top three cross
the scales after the race.
Re-instituting the rules  as
opposed to the current format
of directors assigning cars to a
class based on speed (and car
count for a specific show) was
discussed. The general
consensus was: No one really
wants to do all the technical
inspections required and,
even though we all know that
the current system has it's
faults, it's the best we have at
this time so we're keeping it,
warts and all. What it means
for a car owner such as
myself, with a reasonably fast
antique, is that I will be
placed with the Modifieds on
some nights that the club is
short of car count. In essence
I have to give up my night on
that evening as I have no
chance of a win in competing
with a car that has 40 years of
technology improvements as
well as twice the horsepower
and suspension. The 1800 lb.
rule would have gotten me a
bit closer.. (as would a smaller
restrictor plate for the 358's -
even though one member
argued he'd go faster with
one... I'd like to try it and
see.... I know, I'm digressing..)
Yet - on other nights, when
we do have enough cars, I will
be able to compete against
cars of equal speed and
equipment for a win. We have
to work together for the best
of the club as a whole despite
what we as individuals think.
Either that or get a shit
kicking car...and give up on
trying to race a flathead. I
guess really the thing to
change is my attitude towards
'club racing' - I'm the
competitive sort, I like to win
or at least have a chance to
win. Maybe I need to just look
at it as having fun instead...
Joe Buchek is right, just have
to accept it and get on with it
- so my decision will be
whether to show up with a
race car, or show car. The
show car stuff is a lot of fun
and no hassle....
New tracks were discussed,
including possible asphalt
races which the club will look
into if we have enough
support from car owners. The
show car committee was set
and will be looking into the
Syracuse Expo and Watkins
Glen shows. Officers were
elected, Frank Blanchard
remains as president, Richard
Applby is Vice, we have a new
secretary, webmaster and
treasurer, race directors and
inspectors are now a dual
role. Lunch was very good at
the Castaways and it was
good to see many friends
such as Ally Amell, Bill
Marsh, Bill Kisslestein, Randy
Reigelman, Jim Hilimire, Ray
Preston et all. All in All a good
and productive meeting. I'd
like to thank both Mary and
Rob Casti for their work as
Secretary and Treasurer, they
both did an excellent job and
we hope to see them at the
Stan Lobitz Movie Party. The
best for last... the next day,
Sunday the 13th, Dad and I
loaded up the #82 bug and
headed to Hazelton, PA to
Stan Lobitz's catering hall for
his annual movie party. We'd
never been before, a trip to
the Nationals at Williams
Grove last year, and
subsequent stop at the
Eastern Mutual Racing
Museum put us on to this
party and we put it on our
calender. Last winter we
found a couple of bugs to
bring down to the EMMR
convention in August but my
nephew got married that day
so... this was the next best
thing. And, although we
didn't get to fire up the car in
the parking lot - (needs a
push start), it was still a hit
with the attendees. The party
was in full swing when we
arrived around 9:30,  John
Loxton of Austrailia greeted
us with a smile. The parking
lot had several nice cars on
display, it was another great
day weather wise and the
showing reflected that. The
"White Phantom" was parked
just ahead of our bug, and
what a beauty. Essex frame,
Winfeild equipped Model A
engine, it had all the right
stuff and sounded as good as
it looked. Parts were for sale
from a few vendors and a set
of Ford Safety race hubs had
my name on them.. Joe Fiore
had his Wally Meskowski
Wynn's Sprint car on hand -
this would make any show, in
fact it's a show all unto itself.
A nicer sprint car you will not
see. It shone. There were also
some nice midgets in the lot,
one with a slanted
quickchange that I've never
seen prior. Inside, there is
memorabilia for sale and a 1st
print Ted Horn book is mine,
the movies are playing so Dad
and i sit and watch the 1957
Indianapolis 500. Paul
Russo's Novi was so cool, but
no match for Sam Hanks in
the Belond 'Lay Down' Spl.
Great stuff. Back outside I get
to meet several great guys,
Phil Elliston of NJ who has
the Flemke 2X coupe, we
actually met at the museum
the year before as we were
both checking out the torsion
bar suspension of this bug...
Harlod Seeman, owner of the
Jarzombek #1 coupe, very
interesting fellow... Louie
D'aMore who exclaimed
"That's my driver!" when I
showed him a picture I had of
Lee Wallard. Louis is 94 years
young and made the trip from
Boston with his son, we later
spent an hour going over his
photo album (which should
be in a museum..) - just
wonderful stuff everywhere
you turned. Then I got to
meet Stan Lobitz who was
pleased we brought the car
and hoped we would stay for
dinner, absolutely. He had
John take us around to one of
barns and show off some of
his goodies, much
appreciated. Back inside for
some lunch and the
fundraising activities get
going with EMMR lynchpin
Lynn Paxton officiating the
ceremonies. The roundtable
discussion ensues and Lew
Parks offers up some
interesting dialog. His
daughter CArla has finished
his book and it will be
available soon. Diz Dean is
the auctioneer and there is
some nice stuff being sold,
with all proceeds ending up at
the EMMR. Two memberships
and DVD later, and I'm outta
cash. Outside again I run into
Cal Lane who remarks 'This is
just like the bug I ran at
Chemung." Bud Hinman
remembers his super being
very similar as well. Dinner
was excellent, just like
everything else on this day.
As darkness fell we headed
back up route 81 thankfull for
all the great people we met
and the time we had with
them. Many thanks to Stan
Lobitz - great party, we'll be
back next year.
Rick Hart.
$5K with Trailer...
The owner related he'd let this go for $2K...
The '55 was more expensive.
This modified manifold was pretty cool.
Joe Buchek and his new bike.
Another Kneisel Chassis from John Mason went cheap.
Sweet 67 Ford Ranger.
This altered was going cheap.
This Hilborn unit was perfect and complete, the one we got was less..
Archie Banks.
Dad with the bug loaded for Hazelton.
The White Phantom.
Essex Frame Rails.
Winfield Speed Equipment.
Roomy cockpit.
Meskowski was one of the best.
As was this sprint car.
Pretty from any angle.
Quickie was interesting.
John Loxton from down under..
Louie Da'More.
Cal Lane and Stan Lobitz.
Lynn Paxton and Phil Elliston.
Harold Seeman is a character.
Louie's Album is out of this world great.
Ted Horn - National Champ 1946, 1947 and 1948.
Ernie Geselle at Readville in 1936. Sideways and on the gas, on those tires...
Steve Jones recited the history of the White Phantom.
V8 - 60 Midget.
Lew Parks was part of the roundtable discussion, his book is available soon.
Take two they're small...
Many thanks to Stan Lobitz for a great time.
Winter 2011-2012

My travels this past fall and
winter have taken me past
many a slumbering track, as
well as to many other
interesting views. Here's a
5MP Rests..
Waterloo Turn 1 to transmission alley..
Waterloo Turn 2.
Waterloo Front Stretch.
Winston enjoyed his 11th
Birthday. So did we..
My boys.
Cake & Ice Cream...Yummy..
Nothing like a fresh Teddy..
To shred..
Good to see my buddies again.
aHunka AHunka burning luv...
There was an Elvis sighting at
my buddy Jeff's birthday party..
Lastly, the projects...
Polished and Dummied up..
The Chevy is out...
As of today - it runs...