Fall 2014. For anyone who
isn't involved, I'm sure this
gets very confusing. As I talk
with people it's clear that they
don't understand that there
are actually two Midstate
clubs. There has been some
cross-over between the two in
membership but general
terms, the two clubs differ
greatly in terms of philosophy
and operation. The Midstate
Vintage Stock Car Club races
and that is their main
objective. The majority of the
cars in that club at this point
are contemporary modified
chassis (Bicknell, Troyer, et
al.) with a piece of 'vintage' tin
on the top. The club has
essentially become a traveling
sportsman class. By contrast,
the Midstate Antique Stock
Car Club exhibits restored,
period correct stock cars. This
club does not race, rather
placing the emphasis on
preserving the cars, and the
memories of former divers
glories. At this point, precious
few of the people who go to the
races regularly will remember
seeing cars like these at the
tracks. So, it has become an
ambition of the Midstate
Antique club to educate those
who are interested, in the
finer points of stock car racing
in the 1950's & 1960's.
Naturally, it's much easier to
do this whilst pointing to the
correct equipment...
I bring up these differences in
hopes of clearing any
confusion. This site is the
official Midstate Antique Stock
Car Club website. The
Midstate Vintage club has a
site as well. I've been a
member of both clubs since
their inception. There's plenty
more on this subject
here if
you care to read it. This past
October 25th the Midstate
Vintage club held it's Fall
meeting and according to a
friend who was invited to the
proceedings...spent the first
hour or so discussing my
membership status. The result
being that they are attempting
to expel me from that club -
here. Further it was
reported that they will no
longer have a 'sportsman'
class, meaning that those who
do have cars built with
production frames, or with
antique and 6 cylinder
engines - are now essentially
cannon fodder for the faster
contemporary chassis cars.
They don't have a chance. It
was also mentioned that the
Vintage Club didn't want to
have anything to do with the
Antique club this year. Last
year I scheduled the clubs to
work together at shows. I
figured it'd be best for both
groups to try and bury the
hatchet, have the Antique cars
behind the grandstand while
the race cars were on the
track. Made sense to me. I
don't see how any of these
changes make the Vintage
club better but that's just my
OK - so that's enough on the
MVSCC.. The 'REal' Midstate
Antique Stock Car Club held
it's fall meeting on November
22nd and we were invited to
that one. Amazingly, there
were no character
assassinations, no complaints,
we greeted each other gladly,
shared laughs, called each
other funny ducks, busted
chops. We were roundly
entertained by John Mason's
treasury report and award
ceremony which included a
throttle block for Brent Cobb
along with some other clever
arrangements. We finished
with a big pot of Sharon
Parry's excellent chili and you
know, nobody got mad,
nobody left with a headache
and nobody got kicked out.
You know, it's a
social club. In
between all that we discussed
the past season which we all
felt was very successful. The
CNYHOF just gets better and
better - it's a yearly
re-affirmation for all of us that
we are on the right path -
honoring others who truly
appreciate it. It means a lot to
the former racers, and us too.
We discussed the schedule  
and that we'd go ahead with
our usual dates. Mike Newell
related that he is continuing
to work on our dream, which
will be a building on the
grounds of Midstate
Speedway. The CNYHOF
meeting is set for Jan 17th.
We elected officials with
Richard Parry, Mike Newell
and John Mason all remaining
in their positions as president,
vice president and treasurer
respectively, I was elected as
Secretary. Afterward as we're
chewing down the chili I
talked with Brett Cobb about
the incident at Thunder
Mountain, he related "I knew
what he was like, I should
have given him more room or
waited another lap." He saw no
wrong doing on my part, nor
did John Mason or anyone
else who was there.
Upon leaving we checked out
Mike Newell's latest find, he
and John Mason each have
unearthed (from Gary
Beagell's U-Pull-It) a Chuck
Akulis home built Modified.
Mike's is in nice shape (I
haven't seen John's bit I
understand it's as nice), he
has a good Pinto body and I'm
sure it'll be sweet in short
order. It was good seeing Mel
Ogden, John Clark, John
McCullough, Dave Conde, new
member Matt Theis and Larry
Parry - we had a good time.
Which is what it's all about.
Dad and I are talking on the
way home and re-iterating
points we always hit, we have
to remember that we've met a
lot of good people in racing
and that we need to remember
that we are in this for fun. To
remember that we have many
friends in the club and share
good times with them yearly -
and not let a few bad
experiences or mis-guided
idiots ruin our fun. We still
love racing and plan to
continue with hobby, after all,
we're racers.
On October 14th my father
underwent quadruple bypass
surgery. He had a difficult
time initially but is now
recovering nicely and was able
to bag a nice 8 point buck.
He's now itching to get going
on a winter project - we need a
faster car... My dog Winston
celebrated his birthday on
Dec. 7th, his 14th. He's still
doing quite well and
thoroughly enjoyed his steak
and cake.
That's it for now, with luck I'll
have a few new items to view
on the site this winter. Here's
wishing you a Merry
Christmas and a Happy New
Well which is it?
Jim Hilimire has finished the 66
Mike Newell will make easy work of this.
Fall 2014
Winstons Birthday
looks great
Car is in great shape.
Newell Steering number 1.
My Buddy
Our new Midstate Vintage car...
Chucks Pinto 1977
~ Road Trips ~
Fall 2014