Afton. (Or I88 Speedway as it is
now called.) Take two - the short
and sweet version... I met Dad at
the backgate, transferrred some
fuel to his truck, signed in and
we unloaded the car. In his
haste he forgot the right front he
usually mounts and so we tried
a hard one for warmups. The
track was pretty rough for
warmups and the 43A pushed
badly so I asked buddy Jim
Hilimire if we could borrow a
right front - it was the right
move. With a bit of luck and
some judicious driving, Dad was
able to pull out a heat win over
the fast closing Ray Preston.
One more lap and it wouldn't
have been - still, quite an
accomplishment for a Flathead
powered car versus the OHV
V8's. The track helped too, as
did starting on the pole - but
still, it's only the second flag
we've seen this year and it
brought a smile to my face as I
was 'crew chief' for the night.
"Wanna drive it for the Feature?"
Naw, you go ahead - I might get
excited and forget which pedal is
which....(Dad has the gas and
brake reversed on both the
 The Feature was a different
story, Steve healy jumped to the
lead in his pretty #37 with Brent
Cobb in pursuit, a tap in turn 4
put Cobb into the lead but Ray
Preston was taking his time,
picking them off easy. Dad got
going later, and by lap 10 was
passing his way back inot the
top 5 when a radiator hose came
loose and he spun in his own
water - everyone by safely I
headed to the pits. Ray had the
lead by now and Brent was
fading, finally pulling off on the
white flag lap. Mike Cole picked
up the sportsman win, Ray
Preston the Modified, I have no
idea who won limited sportsman.
John Mason won best imitation
of a super ball for his bronco
busting ride through the infield
in turn 4, Altough Arnold
Needhammer was trying to tke
his title away... Mel Ogden's #15
drew the most smiles in the
display area, Tex Gorden and
Frank Blanchard both
experienced rearend/axle
trouble - the track was rough
but give the management credit
- they graded it and it was much
better, and faster for the feature.
And, I'll add, the concessions
were very good, the bathrooms a
pleasant surprise, the joint was
clean and well kept. Ihope they
prosper and thank them for a
great night. Maybe see you next
week in Morris.
Ray Preston
Leo and Jim
Jim, Dad and Ray after a unexpected heat win.
Steve Healy
Arnold Deedhammer or Willy Dicker??
Mel with the Chuck Corey 15.
Mel's 103.
John Mason took the 33 out.
The Monster.
Frank Blanchard's 82.
Dad's 43A has been competing since 1988...
Ray Demolin and Dad chat.
Tex Gorden had axle trouble.
Mike Cole won the sportsman.
Display area.
The Panther.
Richard Taggert.
Me's car is pretty cool.
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Afton Speedway