CNY HOF 2017
~ Road Trips ~
On Sunday September
17th we held our 22nd
Central New York
Stock Car Hall of Fame
at the Otsego
County Fairgrounds in
Morris, NY. As it is every
year, this was a special
event for all of us involved
in the club, even more so
with the promise of track
time on the old Midstate
track. Mother Nature
couldn't have been kinder,
in fact, it was downright
hot but we gladly took it.
The even drew as large a
crowd as I've seen at any of
our Inductions as we
honored a stellar group:
"Crazy" Eddie Rafferty, Ron
Narducci, Johnny
McArdell, Butch Jelley,
Doug Jackson, Cal
Thurston, The Gilberstville
Fire Department and a
surprise which we were
able to keep all year,
Richard Ackerman as the
Don Phoenix Pioneer
Award Inductee. Guest
speakers Bobby Hoffman
and Ron Hedger
entertained us with stories
of former racing glory,
while John Mason, Gary
George, Chuck Brownell
and yours truly waxed
eloquently about each
We had a fantastic group of
cars on hand, essentially
covering several periods of
our racing heritage. At
11:00 we al hit the track
for some exhibition laps,
and true to form - the
Midstate Dust rose again...
even at 20 MPH!.. Still, a
thrill to one again make a
few laps and the crowd
that gathered in the stands
was most appreciative.
As were all inductees, their
families and friends. Was it
perfect - no - but it was
close and I saw anawful lot
of smiles on a day set for
just that. Many thanks to
our sponsors: Gates-cole
Insurance, and Colonial
Ridge Golf. Credit also due
to Ted Schmidt photos and
Ron Hills of the Race
Report. And last but
certainly not least - Mike
Newell who makes this
event happen every year -
I'm just glad to be a part of
it and support the club -
we'll do it again next year.
And now - the photo's...