~ Road Trips ~
2016 Spring
Spring 2016. Over the past
few months the MASCC has
held meetings to map out our
2016 Season as well as the
CNY HOF Induction
Ceremony. On January 30th
we met in Morris, NY at Mike
Newell's residence and
poured over potential
inductee's for this years HOF
Event and believe that we
came up with another stellar
class for this falls' event.
Once we got the inductee's
set we moved onto the
business end of the event;
securing the fairgrounds,
costs, sponsorships,
advertising and finally,
DaNcInG gIrLs... Everyone
liked the idea but
unfortunately, it's just
another dream of mine that is
going to wither on the vine...
No matter, we'll still have a
great show, maybe we can get
MC John Mason to do a
dance or two..
Next we moved onto the
schedule and our latest idea -
which is really an old idea..
In the past we've taken our
'Show Cars' onto the track
and 'Exercised' them. I
remember doing this at the
last Shangri-La race, we've
also done it at Penn Can, 5
Mile Point and Latimore
Valley (EMMR). This year the
club has decided that we
want to do it everywhere.
Beautiful! We aren't going to
race them and we have to be
specific about that, it's an
exhibition hot lap session
that we're looking to do, just
to give fans an idea of what
these former warriors look
like out on the tracks. We
hope it will encourage greater
participation amongst our
members, and it should be a
lot of fun to boot - which is
one of the reasons we do this.
The discussion then morphed
into the schedule and which
tracks we'd like to hold
events at - naturally we
wished we could get all the
local tracks, maintaining our
current relationships and
adding a few others. It was an
excellent meeting and we
adjourned with tasks in hand
to present at the spring

The 43 is coming nicely, we
put aside the Gordie Smith
#34 and have been tackling a
replica of the '35 ford coupe
Gene Cole drove for Willie
Wust in the late 1950's and
early 1960's. The frame has
been patched, roll cage
beefed up and attached,
rebuilt engine, tranny and we
put together a rearend. Dad
worked on the brakes this
past week (I hate brakes, they
only slow you down..) and we
put in the floor this weekend,
body next..

Jim Hilimire calls me with
news of a Sonny Seamon
chassis that is available. Dad
wants it. I'd like to see it
saved and used - so we're off
to North Cohocton to meet
Roy Schenk. We get to Roy's
garage and meet him and his
son's, take a look at the
chassis and come to a deal.
They are very
accommodating, and start
showing us around. There is
a lot of pictures of Dutch
Hoag on the wall.... Lo and
Behold, this is Stan's Garage,
home of the first "Splash' #96
Dutch drove - the car an
dnumber he later took over to
Penn Yan for the 'Express'.
Neat, we're standing in a
garage where race cars were
built for one of the most
legendary drivers of our time.
Next, here come the pictures
of Naples Speedway, great
stuff, and a poster of the Salt
City Nascar Sportsman
Modified Race at Syracuse,
signed by Ken Meahl.. We
had a great time, loaded up
the Seamon Chassis (which
we'll gladly pass along) and
headed home.

This past Saturday we held
the MASCC Spring meeting
where plans were finalized for
the CNY HOF event and our
2016 schedule. John Mason
has agreed to wear a skirt
while announcing to take
care of our dancing girls
requirement.. Just kidding,
he might wear shorts tho...
This was another good time,
great weather, good B-B-Q
thanks to Mike Newell and
Richard Parry for the fixings
and a productive meeting.
Schedule is set for 2016
as are the inductees for the
HOF - we will announce them
once they have all been
contacted. For our schedule,
all local promoter's were
contacted and enthusiastic
about our idea to display our
cars both behind the
grandstands and on the
tracks, our club members are
enthusiastic about it as well.
This will be fun. In addition
to track time @ 5MP (twice!),
Penn Can, Afton, Thunder
Mountain, and Skyline, we're
also very pleased to find that
we'll be able to tool our cars
around Midstate this year as
part of our CNY HOF
Induction party. That's really
great, and a bigger dream
come true than Dancing
Girls... which would still be a
welcome addition in my

This past Sunday Dad and I
made it up to Syracuse for
the Motorsports Expo. It was
a great show again as always.
Gary George was doing his
presentation on the Syracuse
Mile, which is excellent, such
a shame to see the
grandstands and track wiped
out. All that history, all those
great racers, Syracuse was
our own personal holy grail -
now gone. Sucks.
Inside I first see Cal Lane
who always has great pictures
and stories to go along with
them. Lew Boyd comes over
and says hello, John Grady is
butted up against Cal and
Dad finds some pictures, (so
do I..). We check out the new
Classic Asphalt Modified
Series display, it's great!
These cars are very, very nice.
John McCullough is with
them displaying both Bernie
Miller cars, apparently Bernie
made it to the show the night
before. Across the isle is the
Dirt Motorsports HOF display
with Richard Appleby, Frank
Blanchard and Ray Demolin
all present with another nice
display, both groups are
ready for racing action in
2016 so there will be vintage
action this year. We wish
them both good luck. Glad we
went to Syracuse this year, it
was a nice show and we got to
see many people we haven't
seen in a long time = nice

Today I received an e-mail
from club president Richard
Parry, he will be presenting a
Presidents Award to an
individual who 'demonstrates
the quality of honesty,
integrity and a passion for
the sport of automobile
racing and an infinitive love
for cars altogether.' This will
take place at the CNY HOF
Induction ceremony and offer
yet another highlight to the

But now, it's time to get
ready for the season, it's fast
approaching with a Gary
George Presentation on
racing in Kirkwood set for
April 13th. AJ has written a
nice article which can be
here, and the flyer is
here. So - back to the garage,
see you at the races.