~ Road Trips ~
We enjoy chasing down leads and taking trips to
check them out. Each one is an adventure all it's
own and it's a lot of fun meeting new people with
shared interests in our hobby. Here's a few of
our recent trips:
Summer 2014
(Installment One)
Bouckville Car Show:
day for a car show. Ton of
people and the lot was full of
antique cars. We had a display
for the Mid-State Antique
Stock Car club with a couple of
cars and our traveling
museum. Got to chat with a
few od racers and had a nice
visit with Former Mid-State
Late-model driver Ed Rothwell
about his days in the WESCAR
#1. I know it is hard for the
club to pull double duty as
some of them were at Five Mile
point and put on a vintage
race for the Heath Memorial.

Richard Parry

Heath Memorial Five Mile
All things considered,
we had a very good turnout of
cars for the Heath Memorial.
(11) cars in the pits and at
least one more (maybe 2)
behind the grandstand. The
best turnout of cars the club
has had all year (to date). It
was a hot, muggy day and the
weather took a toll on cars and
drivers alike. I'm watching the
guys around in our pit area,
and we're all pretty much
dragging our arses in the sun.
Me included. The club
membership has gotten older,
but at least we still think
young.. Much credit must go
to Jim Hilimire for getting cars
out to this race, he worked at
it, calling and e-mailing
members and then handled
the chores in the pits as well.
We had a good field of (for the
most part) old cars, which was
the point of the Sportsman
Class. New cars on hand
included Dale Pitchers' #98
and Norm Wintons' #32.
Cars started breaking
early...Tex Gorden had trouble
starting and then stying
running. Dale's car suffered
the 1st time out bugs with
power steering belt problems.
Jim Mitchell's car was running
hot, as was Norm Winton's. My
night came to an end early as
well. Warmups were fun and
the track was nice, smooth
and fast. We take the checkers
and into one my engine quits,
'tink tink tink' no oil pressure.
Damn. Well, it owed me
nothing, $600 outlay and that
was over 10 years ago now.
Onto the trailer she's done,
just like the ignition cut right
out - which it did as I found
out later. I've only lost two
flatheads through the years,
and both were rods letting
loose. This time it was the
crankshaft, and just the snout
at that.. so at least the block,
cam, rods, pistons, etc. can
likely be salvaged. Just have to
dig out a crank that'll fit. OK -
onto the 43A which isn't up to
snuff tonight.. We adjust on
the barrel valve and high
speed valve but we haven't
found the sweet spot yet. The
heat went off without a hitch
and the cars looked great.
Very competitive for the most
part but Dad still wasn't up to
speed. Leon Kusezlo won the
heat over Mike Cole, Howdie
Witter and Jim Hilimire. For
the feature we've adjusted fuel
flow again and Dad wants me
to try it. Dale Pitcher is first off
the track with more steering
woes, I have no doubt that
Dale will get it corrected and
be back with a competitive car.
Brian Moore is also
competitive but running hot,
as is Kavin Winton in the 32,
they're both off. The 43a is still
not right, it's hitting on 6 and
oiling - time for some rings. Up
front Howdie, Jim, Leon, Mike
and Rich Taggert are putting
on a show. You could throw a
blanket over them. Mike gets
into Leon in turn one sending
him around for the only yellow
setting up a close finish where
Leon gets back by 'em all for
the win. Great race from where
I'm sitting, just wish I could've
gotten up there to be part of it.

Oh well, we're all on the trailer
in one piece. A little
wrenching needs to take place
before the next race, and
that's normal. Hate to say good
bye to the Red Shredder, we'll
see once the pan is off. Dad
already has rings and bearings
on the way so he plans on
being back. And I hope the
rest of the guys make it back
as well.
Many congrats to Leon, he
earned this win - and many
thanks to Andy Harpell and all
the staff at Five Mile Point for
having us participate on Heath
Memorial night, we appreciate

Brookfield Re-Union 2014.
Last week a bunch of guys
together again at the Madison
County Fairgrounds at the
behest of Jon Button to re-live
the thrill of Brookfield
Speedway. And believe me it's
always a thrill at a race track
when you can't see where
you're going.... Mother Nature
provided lighting on this warm
afternoon however so vision
was at a maximum.
Participants included Jon
Button, Carl Camenga, Dick
Schoonover, Richard
Ackerman, John Mason, The
Parry's, Utica-Rome Speedway
including Barb Clark and
Gene Cole amongst others.
The guys had some pretty
good track time with Schoonie
taking out the S33 for a
workout. My father related
everyone had a good time and
that the highlight of the day
was watching John Mason
"Thin' himself into Jon
Button's Hillegas.... He made
it! Pictures by Dad.
D + J Photo
Summer 2014
(Installment Two)
Fonda 7/19/2014
Night of Stars and what a
time it was. There were 41
former Late-Model driver that
ran Fonda Speedway 1963,
!978-84 reunited once again
to share the spot light. There
was a meet and greet
1:00-4:00 for the fans and 15
restored race cars on hand.
The light lite of the day was
the Mike Budka, Dave Hunt
#64 Camaro that sat for 34
yrs until this event and to
work they went putting it
back together and it is show
quality. Names like Jenson,
Carlone, Bleser, Cottrell,
Lagrange, Pettit, Fleres,
Macjka, Lighthall, Brundage,
Duell, Tesiero, Kupiac just to
name a few were on hand to
share their story's about the
years gone by and yes their
were hand shake's and a
couple of tears as most of
them haven't seen each other
in over 30 years. The Bleser
64 and Mewhorter 23 paced
the Pro-Stock feature the the
green flag and then had their
group photo taken on the
checker board with the
winner. There was a 8 lap
Vintage race held and the
winner was Frunk
Blunckhard with the Lazzaro
#4 congrats Frunk. It was a
blast and a time many won't
forget for a long time. To the
management of the Fonda
Speedway and their crew we
owe a hearty THANK YOU.

Richard Parry

Note: Richard has informed
me that the Mewhorter #23 is
for sale, contact Richard for
details if interested.

Legends of Penn Can
(6) race cars and (2) show
cars showed up for the
Legends of Penn Can this
past Friday night. Mike Cole
won the heat and Kavin
Winton won the feature as
Rob Casti played nice...
Other's on hand were Dale
Pitcher, Brian Moore, G.
Wood, Mike Newell and John
Mason. From all accounts it
was a good show and fun
Summer 2014
Installment 3
Otsego County Fair
July 29 - Aug 3
Every year John Mason and
Mike Newell put together a
nice display at the Otsego
County Fairgrounds - home
of Midstate Speedway and
many a fond racing memory.
This year was no different
and the cars were once again
reviewed by an enthusiastic
crowd. Many thanks to all
who brought a car out and to
Sharon Parry for the photo's.
Summer 2014
Installment 4
Utica-Rome Speedway
August 20
Watching the weather all
week, we knew there was a
very good possibility we'd be
traveling to a rain-out on
this particular Wednesday
night. However, the upside
was that we'd get to spend
some time together as father
and son, and also see some
friends - and with luck, some
good racing, so we didn't
hesitate. The trip to Vernon
was, for the most part,
uneventful - is it just me or
are people just a little less
courteous on the road these
days, yes, I have been
working on my Politically
Correct training... We got set
up and had just enough
time to shoot the breeze with
John Mason and Gene Cole,
and then it rained - hard.
The decision to postpone was
an easy one. Barb Clark
couldn't apologize enough -
wasn't her fault and we
thank U/R and all it's staff
for once again being so
gracious. Make-Up Date is
set for Sept. 1st. Maybe see
you then.