~ Road Trips ~
We enjoy chasing down leads and taking trips to
check them out. Each one is an adventure all it's
own and it's a lot of fun meeting new people with
shared interests in our hobby. Here's a few of
our recent trips:
On Sunday September
16th we held our 23rd
Central New
York Stock Car Hall of
Fame Induction
at the
Otsego County
Fairgrounds in Morris,
NY. As it is every year,
this is a special event for
all of us involved in the
club. Mother Nature
couldn't have been
kinder, in fact, it was
downright hot for the
second year in a row but
we gladly took it. The
event drew another
banner crowd as we
honored a stellar group:

Bob Jones – Local racer
who fielded cars in the
early 1960’s B Class at
Midstate. The loyal locals
are what added color and
helped to make Midstate
successful in the early

Kenny Moore – The
Flying Milkman was a
winner nearly everywhere
he went, copping the
1975 Five Mile Point
Championship as well as
several Skyline Speedway

Rich Ricci – Hudson
Valley competitor who
was competitive
everywhere he went in
every car he drove. Rich
and his sons, Rich Jr. &
Mike – have won races
across the state, and
done quite a business at
Accord and Middletown

Ed Rothwell – another
local racer who cut his
teeth at Midstate in the
Late Model division,
scoring several successes.
His nephew Rocky is the
chip off the old block and
has forged a several
decade long successful
career in the stocks as

Dave Kneisel – Southern
Tier Racing Fixture. Dave
won track championships
at 5 Mile Point 5 times
between 1953 and 1973,
He also won track
championships at
Weedsport, Twin Valley,
Canandaigua, and
Brewerton. His Speed
Sport chassis won
Syracuse twice and when
he raced at Midstate he
was always a threat to
win. The racing
community lost a giant
on Labor Day in 1982.

Bob MacGeorge – His
1960 track championship
at 5 Mile Point, in which
he dominated by winning
11 out of 17 mains,
changed the way cars
were built in the
Southern Tier. Engine set
back became the norm
afterward. Bob won on
asphalt as well at Shangri-

Joe Lawrence – His
creative wrench work
benefited D.D. Rebel
Harris and Whistlin’
Jackie Wilson at the very
competitive Lebanon
Valley Speedway amongst
others. He won with Y-
blocks, Supercharged
and Injected Flatheads,
Turbocharged Six
Cylinders and Big Blocks
at the Valley and his seat
was adorned by Rene
Charland, Dick Hanson,
Jan Opperman and a
host of others. If it was
challenging, Joe was up
for it.

Tommy Ellis – Tommy
made wearing a goatee
cool. He was a consistent
winner in the 1950’s with
the Southern Tier Stock
Car Club at
Susquehanna, 5MP and
Shangri-La. He won the
last Susquehanna
Speedway and fist Penn
Can Speedway
Championship in
consecutive years.

John Mason, Gary
George and yours truly
waxed eloquently about
each inductee and made
We had a fantastic group
of cars on hand,
essentially covering
several periods of our
racing heritage. At
11:00 we all hit the track
for some exhibition laps,
and true to form - the
Midstate Dust rose
again... even at 20 MPH!..
Still, a thrill to one again
make a few laps and the
crowd that gathered in
the stands was most
As were all inductees,
their families and friends.
Was it perfect - no - but it
was close and I saw an
awful lot of smiles on a
day set for just that.
Many thanks to our
sponsors: Gates-cole
Insurance, and Colonial
Ridge Golf. Credit also
due to Ted Schmidt
photos and Ron Hills of
the Race Report. And last
but certainly not least -
Mike Newell who makes
this event happen every
year - I'm just glad to be a
part of it and support the
club - we'll do it again
next year. And now - the
Bob Jones
Kenny Moore
Rich Ricci
Rocky Rothwell
Dave Kneisel
Bob MacGeorge
Joe Lawrence
Tommy Ellis
Wheel Days