Summer 2012
~ Road Trips ~
Summer 2012. This is going
to be a deusy.... or doozy... A
combination of good weather,
overwhelming work
responsibilities at my 'other
job' and wrenching on (6)
different cars meant
something had to give. And
that something was the site -
so now, in trying to piece it
together well after the fact will
be challenging so - short but
sweet will be the order of the
day. I think I'll just let the
pictures do most of the
talking, they don't lie,  
exaggerate or embellish like I
tend to. Right to it:
We missed both local asphalt
shows due to work, I would
have liked to make them both
but was unable to. Penn Can
was also planned and we
hoped to have a new car ready,
it wasn't and we thrashed all
day trying. We were close
however by the end of the day
my father and I were both beat
and the #@$%^&*@! wouldn't
start, so we bagged it. Dad had
the 43A on the trailer and
went home. I went back to
work on the new car again and
finally had it 'ready' at the end
of the season. In retrospect I
wish I had worked on my old
B29 instead - the new car has
plenty of potential but just
doesn't do it for me, at least
not yet...
Readying for the EMMR
convention in Pennsylvania
next, I took on the 711's
wiring problems and the 82's
carburetor trouble. We finally
got the 82 percolating with a
rebuilt carb, the 711 was
cantankerous throughout the
process though. The trip to
Carlisle was difficult, I'll never
do that again down Route 220
in a '65 pickup with no dash
light...... The EMMR
convention was great, hot
weather, plenty of cars and we
were close... the 711 quit on
Dad after a few laps, the 82
finally fouled a plug due to
being over-filled on oil and
then - once I had the coil
replaced on the 711, it
dropped oil pressure. Less
than stellar. I saved the engine
and have a new oil pickup in
place - 80 lbs. oil pressure
(whew!) and new plugs in the
82 - fixed. Our buddy Jim
Hilimire wasn't as lucky as he
joined the EMMR wall bangers
club - and got to make a
'donation'..... Utica Rome was
great, the 90 only needed a
new master cylinder and fuel
pump, ran great and it was a
fun night sitting and watching
the races with Dad and Roy
Kotary. John Grady had a few
nice pics, that was a great time.
Thunder Mountain was visited
twice, the road to the track is
repaired and better than I've
seen it in years - we also made
a trip to Canandiagua which
was the most fun of the racing
year. The 'new' (it's a '72
Tobias) B29 would not stay in
gear so I got to pit for Dad -
who absolutely blistered Ken
Knapp of the MVSCC going
into turn 3...just a
mis-judgement, ("I saw a hole
and then it closed...") it bent
the right front rim and took
down the tire. Brad
Litzenberger, Richard Lane
and myself got Dad going
again in the pits. We were just
off of turn 3 and there was a
crowd watching us as we
hammered the rim off and got
a new tire on. Not NASCAR
quick but good enough to get
him back out without losing a
lap (there was another mix up
in turn 4 the track crew had to
clean up..) and Dad drove like
he was possessed - great race.
He had the lead out of turn
two on the last lap and got
nicked at the flag by Steve
Healy's #37 - not bad for a
flathead against all small
We also made a trip to
Bridgeport, Connecticut to
pick a nice 1935 Chevy coupe,
will make a great place for one
the 283's we've acquired and
may see S/360 colors in the
future - it's in que... We also
made a trip to Wisconsin to
see my beloved Packers
clobber the hated Bears 23-10
and as a bonus took in the
Harley Davidson Museum in
Miwaukee, great trip. We also
made it to Brookfield Wheel
Days, Wampsville Car Show
and to the MVSCC Fall
Meeting - mostly to see Bill
Marsh. It was a pretty good
summer and fall right up to
Dad's misadventure with his
620 John Deere - which he
rode through a floor in his
barn requiring an overnight
stay in the crash house. He's
OK, and realizes just how
lucky he is... Now it's project
season... have a Happy and
safe Holiday season.
Dad's 3 window, where I should have spent my summer...
Where I Spent my summer.
Gettin ready for the trip to Penn.
Sahrp Flatty at the EMMR.
Diz Dean was fun to talk to.
Me and the 82 @ Latimore.
Latimore Pits.
Dad and the 711 @ Latimore.
Sammy, Stacie and Jim.
Sharp sprinter
Original bug.
Fence bustin 111
82 @ Latimore.
711 @ Latimore.
Latimore Valley fence fixers..
Lincoln, it was a long day.
Roy Kotary, Barb Clark and John Grady.
Utica Rome.
Roy, Tom Toomey and Dad at Utica Rome
90 @ U/R
90 made it home.
Dad and his new B29.
Sammy doesn't like that car either...
Canandiauga Crew.
Barry Pie wanted to drive.
Good to have help loading.
WE Likey.
New England Asphalt Racer
Sits Right.
35 Chevy
Off to Wampsville
Nitschke and Hornung at Lambeau
Packed House
Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee
Board trackers.
45 degree board tracks.
King kong
He liked the scooter..
Biil Marsh and Dad up to no good...
The 34 Truck Grill didn't survive, the Fish Carb and Dad did - good trade.
Misadventures in parking
Over a few inches and OK..