~ Road Trips ~
Norwich, Weedsport and
Rolling Wheels 2011.
Been looking forward to
this one... over the winter
we acquired two 'bugs'
and then spent the rest
of the winter readying
them for the show circuit.
We had plenty of help
this time around and
want to thank the boys at
Bill's Truck and Salvage
for their work on the #82
Bug, as well as Dennis
Kardos and his crew for
their work on the Dave
Kneisel #711 LynMar Spl.
tribute bug. They both
came out great with
lettering by Rick Hanson
who did a bang up job on
both. For the Norwich
show Sonny Stickles was
available to haul a car, so
Dad chose the Mouseville
Monster as the #82 is a
'push start only' type... I
drove up from Endicott to
pick up the 711 and we
met as Dad's, loaded, and
were on our way. A few
sprinkles met us on Rte.
23, and it was muggy... at
least it wasn't pouring
though and we got
through the day without
any major precipitation
which this spring is
saying something - Qvack
Qvack! Great duck
weather lately... The
Fairgrounds were in
pretty good shape for all
the rain that has fallen,
but after talking with
Alan Weaver, I decided to
leave the car on the
trailer, and the rig on the
track. No sense in
pushing luck, we left our
cars high and dry. The
Monster balked at
starting so Sonny left it
on the trailer as well. We
enjoyed meeting and
talking with Jim Mitchell
and Tex Gorden of the
MVSCC, they had they're
#63 Studebaker coupe on
display along with a few
other cars. Alan and
Roxanne Weaver were
sociable, as was Frank
Mathalia, Dennis Kardos
and his buddy Ryan, and
Gary Wood. Bud Hinman
even came over and said
hello while looking over
the Lynmar - all seemed
to approve and Alan
related "What a beautiful
car", we agree of course.
The show was really nice,
plenty of cars, vendors,
food and people, the
weather lost this one.
Even the mud didn't
dampen spirits and I saw
more than one 4 wheeler
kicking up water spray
with lots of smiles
following the vapor trail..
A good day, many thanks
to Sonny Stickles and his
compadres Roger and
Chris Duda for taking the
Monster out, next time
we'll make sure it's
running better.
On Sunday it was off to
Weedsport for the DIRT
HOF ceremony. A
beautiful morning
greeted me and I decided
to take the route less
traveled through Ithaca
and up East Shore Drive
to Rte. 34 through
Auburn. It was a good
choice, rolling green hills
alive with vegetation
revealed themselves at
every turn. Popcorn
clouds dotted the blue
skies as Thumper
rumbled onward, it was
actually nice and cool
while I was moving too..
but once I stopped...
egads is it muggy. I met
Dad at the Weedsport
Arby's and we loaded up
on our first vanilla shake
before heading out to 1
Speedway Drive. Frank
Blanchard is first to greet
us with a "Wow" and a big
smile. The 711 fires right
up and feels pretty
healthy as I goose it
through the parking lot.
Thank god I don't have to
get into this thing
everyday... The Monster
is still Balking but runs
good enough to get on
line. Frank has his #66
Corvair on display along
with Rich Appleby's #1,
Paul Appleby's #9, John
Appleby's #7, Dave
Charzuk's #99, Don
Larmon's #32 (I really like
that car...) and the #24 of
Bill Holmes for a total of
(9) cars on display. We
wipe off the sweat and get
some bench racing done.
Otto Graham saunters
up, he's here to make a
speech and presentation.
I comment to him about
his latest article and ask
"What was all that about
the Grim Reaper", he
related "I didn't have
anything else to write
about." My thought is he
should have found
another subject, his
report was misleading
and I have to be honest, I
didn't enjoy it. You can
find his report
here, and
my retort
here. I'll add
that I like 5 Mile Point,
I've always been treated
well there and enjoy the
track. I also point out that
we people in the 'media'
as it were have a
responsibility to be
accurate - within reason.
After all we're supposedly
promoting the sport of
Auto Racing, writing
negative reviews does not
The HOF and Classic car
Museum always has a few
surprises I haven't seen
so I take a quick look
inside before we load up.
I run into Carl Nagel
which is always an
enjoyable conversation. I
also talk with Brent Cross
about his Daytona
experience which
sounded interesting. A
few pictures inside and
we're back out to get the
cars on the trailers and
head over to Rolling
Wheels for the race. We
follow Frank down 31B to
the Wheels and the 711
comes off easy again, but
this time the Monster
barely runs, it's the fuel
pump and a later
inspection shows that the
diaphragm is gone - easy
fix but we leave it loaded
for tonight. The track is
smooth, looks fast and
the dust is minimal.
Crowd on hand was
excellent, especially in
this heat and the stars
showed up for some good
racing. Tim Fuller won
the event over Billy
Decker, Tim McCreadie,
Brett Hearn etc. The
highlight for us though
was meeting HOF'er Ed
Ortiz, I got to eavesdrop a
bit on his and Carl
Nagel's conversation in
which they were
discussing the Sandman
Coupe, Ed related
"straightening that coupe
out with a big right front
tire, then it turned..."
Good stuff. Load up and
head back to Weedsport
for another Arby's Vanilla
Milkshake and then it's
onward home. Thumper
gets me there by
Midnight and it's
goodnight - another
memorable weekend in
the books.
The 711 at my folks place.
The Monster at Norwich.
Dave Kneisel Tribute bug.
We really like this car.
The Monster's fuel pump finally gave up.
Sonny Stickles, Roger Duda, Dad and Chris Duda.
Dennis Kardos and Ryan - thanks to both.
Jim Mitchell and Tex Gorden's Stude.
Weather was nice and hot at Weedsport.
Rich Appleby.
Frank Blanchard.
I've always liked Don Larmon's coupe.
The bug.
The Monster.
Paul Appleby.
John Appleby.
Bill Holmes.
Bench racing in the shade, Dave Charzuk, Dad and Frank wax eloquently..
Brightbill Gremlin.
Ken Weld's Weikert car.
Lots of pictures.
Dad with Carl Nagel.
At Rolling Wheels.
I'd like this on the road..
Or this...
Frank's advertising... didn't work..
Ed Ortiz and Frank Blanchard.
Ed Ortiz and Carl Nagel, Hall of Famers both.
Dave Charzuk.