Rolling Antiquers
Norwich, NY
~ Road Trips ~
Norwich 2012. It was a
beautiful day for a show - a
touch muggy but once 'ol
thumper was moving, and the
vent window was correctly
aimed.... my t-shirt was flappin'
and the cool air felt good. The
'33' was strapped down on the
trailer and we were headed up
Route 12 to Norwich to meet
my father and Sonny Stickles
to complete the Flathead
contingent at the Rolling
Antiquers Muscle Car Show in
Norwich, NY. We arrived
around 9:00, Sonny and Dad
were just putting the 43 & 111
on line as I unloaded. The 33 is
still a bit cantankerous, and
cold blooded - once warm it
runs good but getting there
saps my patience at times....
Scott Gall has also shown up
with his recently purchased
#83 from Rudy Schlaephfer -
what a time capsule. He related
he's leaving it 'as is' which is
perfect. Richard Lane showed
up on his 69th birthday and
brought along racing legend
and engine builder Sonny
Barrons. A great chat about
flathead ensued.. Sonny
related using Studebaker
insert rods and pistons ("they
were 3 &3/8 diameter already")
in his later flatheads. He
worked at B&M Speedshop and
so naturally we discussed
Crane Radius Tappet cams -
which B&M dealt, strokers,
balancing and flat cranks.
Sonny related racing a
flatcrank at Syracuse once
against the overheads and
finishing 5th with it - "It
vibrated everywhere, from start
to full RPM, I couldn't find a
sweet spot where it stopped
vibrating. I didn't think it
would finish that day but it
did." It was very enjoyable
talking with Sonny and
Richard both. There were many
friends at the show that
stopped over to chat; Carl
Camenga, John Clark, Jim
Banks, Gary Wood, Howdie
Witter, Pat Hanley, etc. We also
ran into the Tatich's, Chris
Leib, Phil Wagner, John Tish,
etc. It was a really good show
and we found may useful items
in the flea market - a good haul
as they say, and a beautiful
day to boot!
Ready to go.
Winston held down the couch.
Ford Guys - Sonny Barron, Richard Lane, Dad, Me, Sonny Stickles.
Original and Sweet.
The Flatheads.
Screamin Sammy Reakes 111.
The Mouseville Monster.
The 33.
Scott Gall.
Not a bad angle to these cars.
Popeye showed up too!