Motorsports Expo,
Syracuse, NY
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  Motorsports Expo,
Syracuse, NY.
For the most
part this has been a pretty
decent winter. I can't recall a
milder one, I only had my
plow out once all year and I
probably could have let
mother nature take care of
that as well, if I was patient
enough... My father and I
made several trips and met
up with new and old friends
alike over the winter, but
those trips are top secret of
course so they'll have to keep
until certain projects and
articles are complete. One
thing about a hobby like this
- you're never done. There is
always a story you haven't
heard yet, a piece of history
that needs unearthing, or
maybe an old engine, car or
special high performance
part that needs attention. It's
like a race car itself, it's never
finished - there is always
more that can be done.
 Last weekend we met at the NYS Fairgrounds
for the annual Motorsports Expo sponsored by
the Gater News. This event  kicks off a new
season, giving fans an opportunity to check out
the nice new equipment that's going to be
tearing up the tracks this summer. There were
many nice pieces at the show, and plenty to
look at. The best part of the show for me
though was seeing old friends once again, and
we ran into a bunch of them. Alan Weaver was
hanging out near Bill Matzel's newly restored
Vega - Bill did a great job, it's spot on down to
the NEARA sticker (which has to be super
rare...) Alan is working on the Hemi Cuda for
Eric Ican'trememberhislastnameso
thiswillhavetodo... and also related purchasing
the JJ Michaels modified. Shortly after we ran
into Ally Amell who had his 2X on display at
the Midstate Vintage booth. Otto Graham
chatted while we were at the Coastal 181
booth, and then Bill Wimble and John Grady
showed up as well. We checked out the
Midstate display just in time for the Autograph
session which included Dutch Hoag, Bill
Wimble, Johnny Podalak, Kim Jennejohn, Milt
Johnson and his 'kid' Danny.. they had extra
chairs so Jack Speno grabbed Ally and my Dad
to fill them. Dad said he was a bit embarassed,
but he dutifully signed autographs anyway. I
was able to get John Grady to find me a good
pic of Dutch to get autographed, I've always
admired him. While there I ran into Joe Patrick
and we had a good chat. At the Midstate
display we talked it up with Rich Appleby and
Randy Riegelman who both did a nice job. OK,
back to the show, after raiding John Grady we
find Cal Lanes booth, it's right next to Coastal
181 and across from IMSA - I'm waiting on
Jack Murphy at this point. One night after
displaying my helmet I wiped it down and
nearly took Jack's autograph clean off - so I'm
looking for a 'refresh'... Jack isn't coming until
3:00 so Lew Boyd at Coastal 181 and Cal are
benefitting as I find more and more cool stuff.
Cal has some great photo's, and Lew had
"Damn Few Died in Bed" which, so far, is a
great book chronicaling the racing career of
mechanic Andy Dunlop on the Championship
trial in the 50's & 60's. There's Jack, he's more
than happy to sign and relates how he liked
the article I wrote on him - best pay anyone
can get right there. The Expo was great this
year and it took my mind off of Napolean for a
bit. It's difficult losing a friend like that, good
thing I have plenty in racing. See you this
Bill Matzel.
Bill Wimble and John Grady.
John Grady visits with Dutch.
Turn 1 Syracuse, you're just off the throttle here and picking it back up..
Pittsfield 2012..
Wee Wille Allan and Sweeny Sweenburg yuk it up at Dundee..
Duquion 1959.