On the track in time for Norwich, 2008.
The S33 was owned by Dave McCredy, a Sherburne car dealer and
was a fixture at several New Yourk racing venues from the early
1950's through the 1960's. the teams' first driver was 'Racin' Greyson
Smith who finished his career with a bad crash at the  NY State Fair.
George Gallup followed in another '34 Ford and then teh team really
hit it's stride when driver Don Hendenberg was hired, Hendenberg
won the 1956 Fonda champioship and was headed to another
banner year in 1957 when he was killed in auto accident. The team
finished the season with Chuck Mahoney drivnig but never clicked
again until Bill Wimble was hired. Wimble won consecutive NASCAR
Sportsman championships in 1960 and 1961, several Fonda Track
championships and a lot of races. He was a first year inductee into
the DIRT HOF and is the stuff of legend. The teams also provided
cars for two of Dutch Hoags' Langhorne ROC wins.
Through it all, owner McCredy and ace Mechanic Fred DeCarr kept
the engines purring and wheels chewing. This car is a '37 Ford
replicated in mid-50's fashion as a tribute to the team and was
lovingly re-created by Richard Ackerman of New Berlin, NY.
This '37 Ford Sports a healthy flathead V8.
Fred DeCarr at Norwich 2008.
Dave McCredy.
'Racin' Greyson Smith has taken his last ride.
George Gallup.
Don alongside the S33.
Don Hendenberg.
A feature win at Fonda.
George Gallup with the '37.
Bill Wimble in 1958 at Victory.
Norwich 2008.