Updates 2/15/2016
John Clark is up to it again.. he's going to try and bring back
this Vern Angel Steudebaker that Maynard Smith and Cliff
Kotary drove in the boimber class st Utica Rome. It will be a
challenge but if anyone can do it, it's John.
We've been at it too.. At the Norwich car show I met and
talked with John Shepler of Norwich and one thing lead to
another... that evening we were pleased to come home with a
Hudson Hornet H-Power 308 Flathead. The engine was raced
briefly at glen Aubrey and then became Gordy Smith's
back-up, which he never used. Gordy went through the engine
and John related Jahn's pistons and an Isky cam reside
inside - cool! A previous deal with Mel Ogden had netted us a
'32 Ford 5 window coupe that was in the rafters... a ratty '37
Frame was selected and we went to work.  3 rolls of welding
wire and lots of plate were required to get the chassis solid,
the roll cage material came from a salvage job of an IBM
sprinkler system, beautiful material... Dad and I went at it
hot and heavy to get it rolling for the CNY HOF event in 2015,
this year we plan ot finish it.
At the 2015 CNY HOF Gene Cole talked with us and we
decided to get going on a replica of the 43 he drove for Willy
Wust. We've had the '35 Ford coupe for years and it's time...
Mike Newell gave us a suitable frame which we patched up
and plated, we had rebuilt some transmissions a year ago
and grabbed one of them. Brother Tom came up with a short
block, Dad loosened it up and rebuilt the bottom end, I found
a cam, lifters, springs and did the valves over Christmas. We
put together a rear with Getz gears and a spool, jsut like the
original. We had an old cage in another car that was
patched up and got the '35 coupe out of the rafters, we're
making good progress and plan to have it ready for the
More to Come..