Watch-Out Woody!!
'35 Ford Tudor
John Mason '41 Chevy #197
Don Elliot #24, Mel Ogden Photo
'38 Ford
'34 Ford
Look what you can do with a slegdehammer!
'34 Ford Tudor Pyle
Body Pyle going on chassis
Bud Hinman '69 Midstate championship car, '34 Ford on super frame.
Kotary Flyin' 90
Utica Rome bomber, John Clark Photo
'37 Ford
'32 Chevy
'35 Ford
Chuck Corey #15, Penn Can
Jersey Pyle, can you imagine going down the highway with this?
B29 mockup.
Former Ray Bunzy #30, Gary Wood Photo
Penn Can #79, can't be bought, many have tried.
P-13 Retired and waiting, Coupes and Coaches Website.
P-13 in Pittsfield, 404A in hand.
George Crouch #318, Carl Carpenter Photo.
Old Nell 3X, John Clark photo
Murphy 6 doors, '39 Ford.
Don Yeingst #44 Barracuda, Gary Wood Photo.
Frank Andre X-Car.
'32 Chevy and start of the 43.
Suzy 0.
Suzy 0 from Watertown.
Mad Marv Shaber's #100, Woody Van Order's trunklid.
#32 - '34 Ford, John Ross Photo
Barry Davis #9, Ray Cole Photo
Doug Fuller #73, 1932 Ford Model B.
'34 Ford, future Teardrop 49.
Frankenstein Pyle
Sam Carista #30.
1938 Ford
Les Church #5 Chevy Sedan.
John Mason Chevy Sedan.
Sammy Reakes 111.
'32 Ford
Mel Ogden's Models of Midstate Speedway
Bill Marsh and Frankenstein.
1940 Ford.
1934 Ford
1934 Ford 3-window.
Jim Coville 21X, Former Diffendorf S/360, sold for $150.00 in 1984.
1937 Ford with Dad and Shelby.
Middletown 1937 Ford.
Model A Pyle - 43A.
1934 Ford Tudor from Al Sanders.
Chip Lanz #77, Alan Weaver Photo.
Jack Johnson #37 Falcon, Richard Parry Photo
Teardrop 49 with bottle.
Larry and Howdy Witter's 1932 Chevy #48
This will make a stout racer..
Tri-State future cars, headed to Indiana
Michigan Mauler
Hand on Hip
1934 Pontiac Pyle
Pontiac Pyle
Assembled Pyle
A sharp sedan
Will make a nice antique race car
Scavaging the cage and crash guards from the unusable frame
Sammy Reakes #111 chassis
Ed Thompson's #19 recently unearthed by member Alan Weaver.
Update 10/21/06
Larry Witter is getting after his restoration of his #48
Chevy and doing a nice job of it.
Building the cage from scratch takes time.
Cage in place, frame is fishplated for strength.
Solid front crossmember and mounts to harness 261 Chevy power.
Larry Witter takes a break.
Additions 11/26/06
Lit up with Nikki's touch.
1938 Ford coupe lawn ornament.
Teardrop 49 in for body work. I hate bodywork...
Maybe I'll just paint it with a broom..
Dad's taking the other '38 coupe home, should've mentioned the 'watch your step' earlier..Not to worry, I got into it too.
Additions 3/11/07
The sun 'was' shining when Dad pulled out the '37.
Nothing like a little snow to make things cheery, Dad has fitted a neat '37 truck grill.
Full clipped fenders look cool..
The rears look good too, pieced together from several.
Right out of the 50's.
This will make a very sharp race car. Richard Ackerman has been working steadily on it and it shows.