This page displays collectible memories of our past
racing heritage. At least we collect it. As they say, one
man's junk is another's treasure. Here's some of ours....
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Additions 11/26/06.
More to come..
Here's another one of Ken Myers wonderful creations,
the Bob Hayslet owned B29 driven by Dick May.
1934 Ford 3-Window Coupe ran at Watertown.
Ken is adding frontends now.
Detail is very authentic and correct.
Bob worked at Dexelectrics in Watertown.
Dick won the 1962 Watertown track championship and later moved on to NASCAR.
Nice collectibles available from Ken Myers.
Additions 9/23/07
Danny Smallin's Cromwell.
Nice original helmet.
Danny on right with unidentified 'fan'.
Danny Smallin
was a fixture at
Speedway, either
in a car or helping
running the
speedway, he was
always there and
always involved.
Very popular with
all that knew him,
his name is
synomomous with
the track. Danny
is on the right in
the photo left, his
cromewell is
displayed above.
Sharon was rightfully pleased.
Ken Myers has
done it again..this
model of the Jack
Johnson #37
Falcon was given
to Sharon
(pictured) and
Richard Parry at
the CNY HOF event
on Sept. 8, 2007
by fan Doug
Fetterly. You won't
find any nicer
models made..and
they're all 'one off.'
contact Ken and
get your own,
you'll love the
Additions 1/6/08.
Here's some more of Ken Myers wonderful creations;
the P-13 of Charley Pierce driven by Tommy Wilson,
the Leanin' 11 of Dominic Tantalo driven by Johnny
McArdell and Whitey Brazak's 111 driven by
'Screamin' Sammy Reakes. You can't have too many
of these!!
Charley Pierce's P-13.
Tommy Wilson drove this to many wins.
Depicted is the 'set back' car with door vents to cool the driver.
Full hood and a little wedge built in..
Under the hood was a full race flathead.
Dominic Tantalo's 'Leanin' 11', driver Johnny McArdell.
Sharp '34 Ford sedan.
Full race flathed, lots of checkered flags..
Looks fast sitting still..
Ken's attention to detail is amazing.
Whitey Brazak's three aces drivne by Sammy Reakes.
Two deuces on this flathead.
Sam won the Waterloo championship in this car.
Interior is as nice as exterior.
Another nice '34 Ford coupe.
Additions 5/4/08.
Jeff,  Just wanted to thank you again for the pictures you forwarded of Ivan Little
and Geno Begelo. I flipped the pictures to my friend Gary Kendrick up in St.
Catharines and he used them to finish the Ivan Little tribute car he built in 1/8 th
scale as a present for Ivans birthday. Gary has now begun casting parts in resin in
1/8th scale, such as axles, buick brakes, quick changes, bodies, tires, wheels,
motors and has them available for model builders of all ages. I  have attached a
couple of links so you can see how great the coupe turned out.Just scroll through
and you can see how great a model this is. Thanks again, the pictures really
helped him finish the build. If anyone is interested in Gary's build, they can
contact him, he loves to give the details on the building process.
Some great pictures thought you might post in your model sections. It turned out
great and Gary indicated Ivan was really pleased with the build, your help with
the pictures was a great asset. Rick Beaubien
Ivan Little's #61 - what a nice model!
This model is so hot it melted all the snow around it!!
Additions 12/28/08.
Ken Myers has come through again, just in time for
Christmas. His latest is the McCredy S33, driven (during this
era) by Don Hendenburg, made a great gift. Dad's collection
is growing too...
Sweet! Even has the door chains and a cracked windshield..
1937 Ford coupes make classic modifieds..
Fred Decarr was the mechanic on this car.
Bill smiles from a later version of the 33.
Additions 2/1/09
Since Dad has his '37 coupe I figured I'd better get one too
and Ken Myers delivered for me as well. This is a model of
the car I remember as a boy, and the one that got me hooked
on this sport, Willie Wusts #88 driven by Kurzon 'Moose' Cary.
Ken's attention to detail is really something, the pictures here don't do justice.
This was the last version of the car, with the door post cut out.
Willie always used Ford power..
And won quite a few at Midstate.
Additions 3/8/09
When we found this '34 Ford coupe in Pennsylvania a few
years back, it screamed 'Teardrop'. CAn't fit the real (replica)
in my living room so Ken Meyers helped me shrink one down..
The John Manny owned 'Teardrop', driven by Irish Joe Donahue..
and later, Don Diffendorf.
Ken is truly an artist, dual right rear.
Flathead, as always, is well detailed.
As is the rest of the model..
Additions 1/23/11
Ken Myers has come through again, this time with a pop
wilcox #32 for Myrtle carpenter and a don rounds 3101 for
Mel Ogden, thanks Ken.