This page displays collectible memories of our past
racing heritage. At least we collect it. As they say, one
man's junk is another's treasure. Here's some of ours....
Cliff Kotary's 60X from 1964, won
the NYS Fair Championship race in
1964 and 1965.
Beautiful Wooden Model..
Right hand steering..
Check out the gauges..
Even has the Beehive oil filter..
Cliff was very pleased.
Cliff Kotary's Flyin' 90, 1963 NYS Fair Championship winner.
Better than the real thing..well, almost.
Proper detailing.
Right hand steering..
Stacks thru the hood.
Shrink yourself down and get in..
Wired up Flathead.
The 'Mouseville Monster' driven by Kurzon 'Moose'
Cary to the 1961 & 1962 Midstate championship.
Owned by Willie Wust of Edmeston, NY
The 'Mouseville Monster' was coined by Otto Graham.
Willie Wust waves from his dozer.
The light helped identify the car thru the Midstate dust..
Ken's detailing is amazing.
Winning technology @ Midstate in the early 1960's.
Ken will do one for you as well. The more pictures you
send the better the detail. He's a one man operation and
does this as a hobby, so be patient, he's still working on
our order...
Ken Myers
152 County Rte. 23
Harrisville, NY 13648
(315) 543-2865
Please Note: Ken only does models of cars that are not
being produced elsewhere.
Drawings by Cliff Blanchard
Cliff Kotary's 60X.
Cliff will do one for you as well, just contact him at:
Cliff Blanchard
P.O. Box 462
Indian Lake, NY 12842
(518) 648-0473
Gater News, Cavalcade of Auto
Racing, Clippings, Pins, Etc.
1968 Gater News Yearbook
Back Cover.
Adrian Flath by R.J. Radney, 1972 Gater Calender
Fred Smith's Cavalcade Patch
1965 Cavlacade of Auto Racing
1964 Cavalcade of Auto Racing
1970 All Star Program.
1970 Lancaster Yearbook.
1970 Trenton Program.
1970 Langhorne Race of Champions.
Richie Evans Puzzle by Fred Smith.
1954 Speed Age, Jimmy Bryan cover.
Car Life 1954.
Fred Smith Pins, Edwards, Beagell, Norton, Cordes and Shampine.
Irish Jack Murphy Pin.
We Go Racing Fan Club, to Owego and Oswego.
1964 Waterloo Championship Entry Form of Johnny McArdell.
New Thompson Speedway.
Twin Valley Speedway of Chenango Forks.