It was love at first site, I had agreed to rescue him from an owner who was
not feeding him - for reasons I'll never understand. He was on his hind legs,
swimming his front feet in the air with a log chain around his neck,
stretched taunt. I unhooked him and led him to my car, opened the door and
he got in gladly. It was supposed to be a trial until a new home could be
found for him as we already had two, but I decided on the trip home he was
staying. And he did, he fit in nicely and quickly regained his strength, then
showed his personality. Big, comically goofy, loving and kind, Napolean was
as nice of a soul I've ever met. He would run like a bucking bronco, barking
and playing. Out of the blue he would throw himself on the ground and give
himself a back rub, rolling around in the grass. He was my friend and
faithful companion, I will forever miss his comforting, contented snore and
his wonderful happy smile. If you've ever heard the saying, 'The more people
I meet, the more I love my dog' - it should have a picture of Napolean
March 26, 1999 - March 5, 2012