Racing in Retrospect
Mission Statement
   If you’re a veteran viewer of this site, then you’re aware that up until now it’s been known as
the official website of the Midstate Antique Stock Car Club. No longer. The change to calling the
site ‘Racing in Retrospect’ has been brought on by a disagreement in purpose of the MASCC
which came to light at our recent membership meeting. The leadership and a few members of
the club have decided to attempt to re-institute the racing divisions, which had been set aside the
past few years due to a lack of car count. Instead of using the rules that have been in place
since we started this club in 2005, they have decided to change the rules in order to attract more
cars. Having been through this process before, I am not in agreement with these rules changes.

   The rules to this point permitted the use of passenger car frames which could be modified
within a set or parameters. To take advantage of this you would have to find suitable material,
be it an old frame or a new set of frame rails (as available from Speedway, etc.). Obviously,
this is a lot more work, and expense than picking up a used Kneisal, Troyer or Bicknell
Chassis – that already has mounts, cage, etc. built. The rules also permitted a prospective
owner the use of an OHV V8 up to 300 cubic inches, the purpose of the limit was to keep the
current flathead and 6 cylinder cars competitive, as well as require the car be built with a
vintage (273, 283, 289) small block. The new rules that were discussed will open the class up to
tube chassis and larger engines – not in the name of safety but rather because they are
affordable. I understand the reasons but it changes the philosophy and complexion of the club
from one that boasted ‘Authentic’ stock cars to what people now describe as ‘Vintage’ stock cars.
And don’t misunderstand me please, there is nothing wrong with a ‘vintage’ stock car if that is
what you want. It allows more people to get involved and race safely as well as cuts down
expenses. Most people today either don’t know the difference between an antique or vintage
car, and likely could care less.

   That’s not the point for me, my point is that there are already other organizations in this state
(the MVSCC for one) that accept this type of car for their racing division, why not just join them
and we’ll do joint shows like before? Or if the club wants to go racing again then build cars to
the rules in place like other members have (and keep the focus on the 50’s & 60’s era). When
you’re looking for car count it’s never a good idea to disgruntle those with cars built, in order to
please those who promise to build cars…. So, I’m conflicted. My mother in law is driving over the
cliff in my Ferrari. Guess, I’ll have to get a new Ferrari…

    It is amazing to me how history always seems to repeat itself. Like the midget car owner in
Lew Boyd’s book, “Hot Cars, Cool Drivers” related, “It starts out simple, easy and fun. And then
it gets more complicated to finally the whole process needs to start over.” I see the process
getting more complicated, so I’ll stick with what I know. As I don’t see these changes as a
positive move for the club, I’m not going to support them. Our club and our philosophy was
unique, an authentic antique stock car club. It’s not anymore if these changes get voted into

   Meanwhile… the site will remain the same. The only real changes will be that I’m going to
feature our teams history a bit, (with a link to the MASCC History as well, for those interested),
and a few format changes. The domain name will remain the same, the insignia will change
only slightly, the purpose “To Preserve the Memories of our Racing Heritage” here in the
northeast of course will remain. Name that Photo, Grab Bag and the posting of individuals
photo’s will continue. If I can come up with some other new features, or if anyone has
suggestions (within reason) as to what you’d like to see, then please forward them to me. Thank
you & see you at the shows this summer. Jeff Ackerman
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