These photo's have been generously loaned by Mel Ogden who's
collection of the era goes beyond words. A big thanks to Mel for
sharing them with us all.
Dick Schoonover smiles from his flathead powered sedan, Lent's Photo.
Johnny Oblinski has found the scorers stand, Lent's Photo.
Oblinski made quite a hole, Lent's Photo.
Drivers Meeting in front of the Pagoda, Lent's Photo.
Check out the guys cehcking out the beauty pagent, Lent's Photo.
Monte Carlo start, Stitch is quick, Lent's Photo.
Lydle Smith walks back to his car after tangling with Joe Norton, Lent's Photo.
More to come..
Updates 12/23/06
Gil Shultz.
Longtime flagger and photographer Don Phoenix.
1966 Champ 'Wild' Bill Northrup.
Midstate fixture Danny Smallin and friend.
Dave Moon in the V10.
Larry Witter displays the checkers.
Marty Ackley takes a checkers from Don Pheonix.
Skip Palmer's #77. Thanks to Dave Conde and Richard Parry for straightening me out on this one.
Marty Ackley's 10P awaits, note the safety chain.
Chuck Brady, out of the Jerry Hayes stable in Castle Creek.
Updates 9/21/08
Some more Don Phoenix photos from Mel's collection..
'Pop'Wilcox, Jerry Townley and crew celebrate a big win..
Bob Perry with the Moore's #45. Thanks for the correction Dave.
Harold Humphrey's #62 in 1962.
Humphrey's car had the first center steering at the track, out of a bus..
Didn't help it avoid this crash though..
Maynard Smith, driver of the #62..
'Smokey' Joe Norton always liked Plymouths..
Chuck Brady showed up with this former Jerry Hayes/Bob Page mount from 5MP and was immediately competitive..
Updates 9/28/08
Harold Betz has the checkers.
Ralph Moon.
Willie Wightman.
Chuck Baird drove the 65 prior to Jimmy Mott.
A young Bob Gibbs - thanks to Dave Conde for the correction.
Larry Groover won a lot of races at Midstate.
Updates 10/13/08
Might as well pick up where we left off, Don Newell in Kodachrome..
Chuck Brady with the flag.
Hal Snopek in a rare appearance, after the overheads from 5MP invaded.
Dave Moon.
Doug, pictured here, and Wheater Hoag campaigned this car at Midstate. thanks to Don Valentine for the photo.
Gordy Smith in the later rendition of the #34.
Larry Smith with Danny Smallin in 1969, thanks Larry.
Updates 10/19/08
Bobby Hoffman in the figure 8 car the Morris Central School shop class put together - thanks to Don Valentine for the help on this one.
Bob Cable Jr.
Bob Wing.
Dick Schoonover.
Johnson City's Glenn Knapp.
Jack Gill.
Johnny Allen.
Lou Searing from Oak Hill I believe.
Red Smith.
Stan Lupka was real fast in this Crosley bug with Corvette power.