8-28-06 Photo's submitted by Richard Parry.
Bob Wisnoski.
Bill Salamacha.
Earl Mewhorter.
Dick Schoonover.
Jerry Wisnoski.
Fred Nichols.
Dave Conde with his #26, driven by Ralph Raasted.
Russel Card, Figure 8 champion.
Skip Palmer.
Thanks Richard! More to
9/17/06 Photo's submitted by Mike Monnat.
Larry Witter.
Attached is probably the last photo of any of my dad's racecars. It was taken at
Midstate on August 4, 1965 after a win in the first heat and driver by Larry Witter. I
thought you might like to use it on the web site. It's a Don Phoenix photo and I
bought it at the track so I'm giving you permission to use it.
Also enclosing a picture of the same car the previous year at Five Mile Point with Lyn
Ingalls driving the car. It was all red with a white number on it. Lyn was the brother of
former URC driver Bryant Ingalls who later worked for UPS and was an Indy Car
mechanic. Lyn was killed in a very tragic highway accident over the winter of
1963-1964 and my dad bought the car and repainted it. Bryant drove this car in 1962
at Five Mile Point and was rookie of the year. It was the next to last time he ever drove
a stock car. Bryant drove the car once for my dad in June of 1964 at Five Mile Point
and flipped it trying to qualify. That was the last time we ran Five Mile Point.
Somewhere I have a nice color photo of the car before it ever went out on the track.
When I find it I'll send it to you.
In it's short history it had at least six different drivers sit in it's seat and Larry was by
far the most successful in it. I just thought you might enjoy this.
Lyn Ingalls.
9/17/06 Photo's submitted by
Richard Parry.
Rudy Schlaphfer alongside Moose's 88.
Bill Salamcaha's Ace Garage Spl. with Ford power.
Benito Mariotti.
Maynard Smith in the Priba #1.
The Wisnoski laying down 8.
9/24/06 Photo's submitted
by Richard Parry
Gene Cole displays the flag, Don Newell in the 100.
Champions: Donahue, Smith, Bunzey, Lupka, Schlaephfer, Cary.
10/01/06 Photo's submitted
by Richard Parry
Harold Oliver in his #134.
John Evans, this car is in his cellar, cemented in place.
Jerry Wisnoski's 'Galloping Ghost' #441.
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Additions 10/14/06
Larry Witter in '34 Chevy 3 Window takes the checkers. Thanks Larry.
Lydle Smith.
Here's some more from
Richard Parry.
Willie Wightman's #22.
Tom Williams.
Bob Wing and Jerry Shultz end in a dead heat.
Additions 10/29/06
Ed Sutton @ Midstate 1965.
Here's one more from Mike Monnat.
And here's some more
from Richard Parry.
Smoky Joe Norton.
Longtime Midstate racer Dieter Mundwiler with his super.
A former Indy ride, SuperModified is an apt name..
Bud Hinman tried the supers too, what'd this one weigh??
Nelson Harrington's #7 out of the Wust Garage in Edmeston, NY.
Bob Zimmerman's #51 cops a checker.
Red Swift.
Jerry Christian.
Additions 1/14/07
Larry Nye #150 & Ray Kennedy #67.
This photo was forwarded by member Jim Chase and
shows Larry Nye's effort to help Ray Kennedy along
in turn three, 1963 @ Midstate.
Member John Mason passed along this
photo of Phil Clement holding down John
Birdsall in the third turn @ Midstate.
Otto Graham.
This one's from Richard Parry and
shows Otto Graham on the hook.
Brent Cobb article from 1972 Midstate Program.
Phil Clement #P-33 and John Birdsall #15.