These photo's have been submitted by North Norwich, NY resident and longtime
Midstate Speedway competitor Bob Gibbs. Many were taken at home by either
Bob or his lovely wife Charline. Bob was inducted into the CNY HOF in 2004
along with buddy Don Newell, and you may have heard of his son Mitch who has
been a highly successful modified driver for nearly two decades now. Thanks to
Bob and Charline for sharing these wonderful pics.
Pepper Eastman climbed aboard the Gibbs #100 in 1957 and copped a feature. Bruce Hungeford's #33 in background paid homage to the McCredy colors..
1964 membership card.
Bob in 1959.
1962, car was painted by Charline.
Charline in 1963.
Bob with Bobbie in 1962.
More to come..
Bob in July 1962.
'On the Farm' 1963.
The 1957 effort.
With Buddy Don Newell in 1962.
Another home shot from 1960.
Bob's 1959 ride with the signature checkerboard.
1958 and the paint has changed, nice dog..
By 1960 the dog had moved to the drivers seat..
In the Midstate Pits, 1961.
One more of the race engine in 1960.