Believe it or not, this 1941 Chevy competed @ Midstate Speedway in
the early 1960's with Bruce Winton doing the driving. Mechanics
were Lou and Norm according to the rocker panel and the car
employed many interesting innovations such as: Quick disconnect
driveshaft/nerfbar to allow for easy entry, dual right rear wheels
made by welding to rims together, 'beadlock' rims straight off the
farm and for comfort - an old seat directly from the old Earlville
movie theatre. A year after acquiring the car from it's original
owner, John Mason made another inquiry as to what happened to
the engine and was amazed to find it was still being used (and
running) in a tractor on the farm. Now in it's rightful place in the
car, it has brought  many a smile of wonderment at our shows
although John reported that the baling twine fan belt did finally
give way. No matter, John's pet snake 'Peek-a-boo' still finds this a
happy home and a fun car to ride around in.
Flip side.
Some baling twine remains...
Peekaboo still resides in the backing plate. Before 200 MPH duct tape there was baling
twine, which worked 'nearly' as well, right?!?