The following are links to the Race of Champions races that took place at
Langhorne Speedway in 1967, 1969 and 1971 respectively. These films
were recently posted on You Tube and are excellent, I'm not sure who the
fellow is that posted them but we all owe him a big thanks, check them
out, they're great! Click either the text or pic..
Note: You Tube is addicting....and there are many other racing films to be found there - don't say I didn't warn you...
Additions 3/15/09
That fellow would be me and I was thrilled to see that you put
a link to my You-Tube videos on your Langhorne section of
odds and ends. And I apologize for not taking my movie
camera to the track in 1966 & 1970! I can't apologize for
1968, as because of the Vietnam War, I missed that race, for
basic training! In case you haven't noticed I also posted a
couple of Trenton Videos too. Trenton & Langhorne are still
my favorite race tracks and I visited both every year! It's okay
with me if you use my name for the You-Tube fact it
would be an honor! I absolutely love your site! It brings back
great memories. Keep up the good work and Thanks again.
George Meade

My Videos and more to

Thank you George, not only for your videos but for your service
too. I've added the links to you Trenton videos below. take it
easy - Jeff Ackerman
Additions 4/24/10
George has been at it again, this time at Thompson for
500 lapper in 1969. See how many you can recognize..
Additions 5/23/10
This is a great one if you haven't seen it, the inaugural
running of the Race of Champions in 1951. Wally
Campell, Frankie Schneider and Hully Bunn really go
at it..
Additions 6/22/10
Time for some open wheel stuff... This is some great
footage taken by Dick Wallen and posted on You tube,
just fantastic, and they're all here: Herk, Bryan,
Branson, Bettenhausen, Sweikert, Thomson, Foyt,
McCluskey, Ruttman, Jones, Sachs, George, Larson,
Marshman, Ward, Templeman and a 'Lucky' Cotton