These photo's are from Mel Ogden's nice collection, there are no credits on the
pictures but never the less, they are well done. If anyone has information on
who took these great pictures, please let us know and we'll add the credits.
Thanks to Mel for sharing them with us.
Neat shot thru the windshield..
Sal Dees sharp coupe.
Charles Kremer's '37 Ford Slantback scream's modified...
Gene Bergin's M6 gets service.
Buzzie and Lou from the pits.
Betcha they were going faster the next time around..
Ron Wallace, Mike Grbac and the Smales 41 (Tilley or Edwards) flash by..
Ed Rohr related that this is Gary Reichert in the Turner Coupe at the start of his drivng career.
From Dundee, NY.
Sherburne's Dave McCredy's coach, driven by NASCAR Spotsman Champ Bill Wimble.
Wallace, Flemke, Triechler.
Wes Moody's #63.
Thanks Mel, more to come.
Additions 11/26/06
Ray Tilley. Jack Hedstrom relates: Ray crashed this car hard into the wall due to spindle faliure, ending the career of one of the finest Super Sprint drivers from PA. The red #92 in the background is Paul Bologash.
Chuck Boos. Jack Hedstrom relates: This picture is from the Pocono Speedway 3/4 mile track.
Bernie Miller in the pits, 1969. Jack Hedstrom relates: the #14 Chevy coach is the Dick Barney car out of NJ, driven by Joe Kelly.
Billy Rafter's sharp coupe awaits action.
Butch Harris on the hook as Roger Treichler speeds by..
Jim Shampine surveys damage to his coupe.
Will Cagle in what looks like a former Evans ride.
Bill Wimble's coupe appears to be in the clouds.
Additions 12/17/06
Jerry Cook lines up.
Ray Sitterly's sharp C-88.
Paul Radford's 04 waits in the morning sun.
Dick May's #57 gets a gear change.
Bud Olsen hustles.
Additions 1/7/07
Dave McCredy's sedan piloted by Bill Wimble.
Denis Giroux.
Ron Narducci's sedan.
Dutch Hoag's coupe.
The Shampine mount has suffered major damage.
Maynard Troyer's Falcon on the hook.