These photo's are from Larry Mickelsen of Penn Yan, NY and were taken by
Larry as he walked the pits at the Race of Champions in 1970 and 1971.
Taken with a Kodak Instamatic, some came out great and others, well, they're
as good as it gets, and many are of cars I've never seen. If you have
information of some of the cars, let us know and we'll add it. Thanks to Larry
for sharing them with us.
Roger Treichler in front of Joe Krukowski -thanks to Greg Holland for the help.
Emil Buzzie Reutimann
Bobby Lane.
Gene Bergin.
I had thjis as Bill Brice, but an sharp observer related the car was owned by Don June and Pat Borello with Shorty Robinson as driver.
Joe Severage.
Ron Theil.
Moose Hewitt.
Fred Harbach.
Nice 1948 Ford pickup.
1970 Start.
More to come..
Bill Brice.
Ralph Smith
M. Lewis
Paul Radford.
Harry Peek.
Parker Bohn.
Jim Hurtibise.
Larry Voss - thanks to Tom Schwarz for the help.
Tom McLaren.
Hal Browning in the 36.
Gary winters 380 in fornt of Tobias Speed Sport Truck.
Chip Creger 3 pulls up behind Mousey Kempster.
Larry Groover's 44.
Dave O'Neill 5 with Blackie Watt 88.
Wilber Dilmore 555.
Buddy Camp 5.
Bob Finger has added an X.
Bill Harmon 651 behind Sammy Beavers 81
Ed Yerrington I beleive.
This Falcon has me stumped.
Richard Swartzlander 73, Greame Bolia 15 and Larry Huff 21.