These photo's, information and video links are from Jack Hedstrom, the video's
may take a little time to load but are well worth the wait as they are from the
last ROC ever run at Langhorne. Really nice stuff, thanks to Jack for sharing
them with us - Jack relates:
Jeff,   I have enjoyed reading about your club in the pages of Gater News. I have a special
place in my mind's eye for Langhorne, and the Race of Champions. I went to my first race
at Langhorne, that being the first ever Race of Champions in 1951. My father also
competed in the RoC as a car owner from 1959 through 1962. His best finishes were 17th
in 1960 and 5th in 1961 (the program you have pictured on your site). I have looked, in
vain, for any images of his cars competing there, but to no avail. I only have one Polaroid
photo I took from 1961. If you remember Polaroid photos, they were a "wet" operation. It
still has Langhorne dust that settled on the fixer attached to it !! LOL If you ever come
across any shots of the #82, I would gladly pay to have reproductions made. I have
attached a shot of the #82 taken after a third place finish in the Eastern States 100 at
Middletown in 1961. It was a 1937 Ford Coach, red bottom, white top, white numbers. The
people in the photo are the driver, Harry Charles Easton, PA, My father Frank, and me.
Jack Hedstrom Photo.
If anyone has any photo's of the Hedstrom #82, especially @
Langhorne - please
contact us and we'll forward them to Jack.
1971 Race of Champions - This was the last ROC run at
Langhorne and the footage is wonderful. Hoag, Hendrick,
Evans, Bodine, Shampine, Boos, Treichler, Diffendorf,
Chartrand, Merz, Grbac, etc, they're all here in action.
Click each box for video.
Dutch Hoag @ Langhorne 1963, car was owned by Dave McCredy of Sherburne, NY. To the right is Lou Lazzaro's #4. Jack Hedstrom Photo.
I always was a photographer, and have attached a shot I took of
Dutch Hoag's winning mount in the pit area before the race started.
Thanks to Jack for sharing these photo's and video, as well as John Bisci
for forwarding the links. We appreciate it. For more of Jack's material,
here to go to his website. John Bisci's webpage (Gordon Reinig's
Lancaster Photo's) can be found
Updates 3/11/2007
Jeff,   I have gotten together a few Langhorne shots for you. I wish I had the equipment then,
that I use these days. I was 14 years old when I took these with an old range finder camera
using slide film.....Jack
Al Tasnady #70, Roger Sowers #83, Tommy McAndrews #3a.
Chuck Mahoney #NY90 and Ron Lux.
Shorty Kershner #6Jr.
Dutch Hoag #13, Billy Rafter #22, Rags Carter #1, and Kenny Meahl #28 I beleive.
Billy Blum #54, Billy Deskovic #8, Bucky Bucholtz (AKA Ron Lux) #46.
Jeff,   Here are a few Trenton shots, and a Langhorne shot.

99-Langhorne Bob Malzhan in his Fireball 99.   I didn't know if you wanted it because Bob
Malzhan had autographed it. This is one of my earliest photos, I took it at age 7 in 1956.
Trenton 6-76 John Blewett Jr. #76 tries the outside of Canadian late model driver Junior Hanley #6.
NuStyle jewelry team cars of Geoff Bodine #1 and Ray Hendrick #01 race into turn one at Trenton.
Trenton 1978, Merv Treichler prepares to time trial.
Charlie Jarzombek #1 and Bugs Stevens #15 battle for the lead at Trenton.
'Charlie J' at speed entering the dogleg right hand turn at Trenton.
New Video - "Here are a couple of YouTube clips I did last
night. One is of a run what you brung asphalt show at
Thompson CT, and the other is an All Star race from the
original Nazareth National Speedway. There are almost no
late Model cars in this All Star one, Coupe and Coach lovers
will enjoy it." - Jack
You will note in the Nazareth video that much was shot from
the front fence, Jack relates "I sometimes look back at some
of that kind of shot, and wonder why I did what I did!! I can
actually remember that I could see the belt turning the
injector pump on Red Coffin's car as it approached me! It was
a good thing for me though, the high speeds I now shoot at
the LVMS Super Speedway action seem routine."
Jack Hedstrom's Langhorne/Pocono/Trenton/Middletown DVDs
now are available. $15 each plus $2 shipping ($17 total). IF
PAYABLE TO: JACK HEDSTROM. Mail your orders to: Turn 5
Photo & Video, 5841 E. Charleston Blvd., #230-113, Las
Vegas, NV 89142. ( DVDs are color, 8mm
movie film transferred to DVD, no audio, no graphics, no
special packaging.
Thank you once again Jack - for those
interested in owning some of Jack's
video's - check out the offer below.
Updates 4/1/2007
Jeff,      Here are some I have taken along the way, most from long gone speedways
(except NYS Fair ).
Stan Ploski Jr. (27) and Harry Taylor battle as they pass the Flemington Fairgrounds Midway and covered grandstand.
Richie Massing works on his Buick powered coupe in the infield at Langhorne. He was teamate to Wally Dallenbach Sr. who drove the 35A.
Gary Balough waits on pit road to try to get practice for the Syracuse race of 1977. The entire week end was rained out.
Lenny Boehler prepares his famed #3 Modified for the Nascar Modified Tour race at Flemington Fairgrounds.
Kenn Brenn Jr. (24) and Hal Browning (55) race through turn two at the Rading Fairgrounds.
Bobby Gerhart Sr. (29) uses the low line to hold off high riding Kenny Brightbill (19) at the Reading Fairgrounds.
Thanks Jack!