These photo's are from long time fan Pat Hanley, taken by him at langhorne
Speedway in 1968 and 1970. They give a unique perspective from the pits and
a 'fans eye view' of the races. Thanks to Pat for sharing them with us.
Chargin' Charlie in the pits, 1968.
Wes Moody's mount on the truck.
Bill Brice's crew unloads.
Buzzie Pulls in.
Shampine's thru the gate.
Dutch's '68 effort was a winner.
Turner Brothers Coupe.
Langhorne is one of the few that eluded Toby.
Dave with Loren Holland's car.
Dave's other mount.
The Consoli coupe.
Ready to go in 1968.
Dutch's mount awaits.
Thanks Pat.
Updates 12/9/06
Ray Hendrick.
Clark, Malzahn, Troyer wait on pit road.
Sal Dee's coupe in the pits.
Bolia in the McClure 15 leads Reynolds in Smale's coupe.
Cal Smale's coupe was really sharp.
Jack Johnson in the 900.
Mike Loescher starts a spinout.
Gary Winters waits along Richie.
Lee Osborne in Dutch Hoags Valiant.
I think this is Mitch Smith in Dutch's coupe...
Maynard Troyer thru the fence..