These photo's are from various competitors of the Race of champions Events.
Most have no credits on the pictures but never the less, they are excellent as
you will see. If anyone has information on who took these great pictures, please
let us know and we'll add the credits. Thanks to Dutch, Don and Larry for
sharing them with us.
Larry Nye in 1968, Fred Smith Photo.
Courtesy of Dutch Hoag.
In 1967 Dutch had handling problems, Al Tasnady had a 'sign' on his roof so Dutch and the Turner crew added one to the 18 curing the handling problems. He won this day (his 4th ROC victory) but the following year no 'signs' were permitted.
Bentley Warren, courtesy of Don Diffendorf.
Ben Stephens in Smoky Joe Norton's 3X, courtesy of John Clark. - Mike Monnat relates that this picture is actually taken at Syracuse in 1972.
1961 Program, Qualifying winners.
Maynard Troyer's Starliner with 427 Ford SOHC Power.
Dutch Hoag in 1966 with the periscope mirror instead of the sign.
Quite a group, courtesy of Dutch Hoag.
Thanks to all contributors.
Updates 2/8/09
This 1956 program was forwarded by long time fan Doug
Fetterly, this would turn out to be dutch Hoags first of a
record (5) victories at the Race of Champions, thanks Doug.
1956 program cover.
The Holy Grail of Sportsman Stock Car Racing in 1956.
Lots of cars..
Lots of familiar names..
Buck Holliday on the pole, Dutch won his first of (5).