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Additions 1/4/09
These are some photo's John sent as part of my Christmas
'care package' and they're fabulous - thanks again John!
Bill Roese with his sharp Torino.
This one is rare.. Bill Wimble has the flag (not rare) but check out under the hood. Fred Decarr related running injectors for maybe 3 weeks, guess they worked well...
Pete Corey.
More to come..
Additions 1/11/09
This has to be rare, Dif at Fonda with his corvair, check out the air cleaner cover.
Ernie Gahan from CowHampshire..
Bill Wimble and Steve Danish pull off at Victoria I believe.
Additions 1/18/09
Dick Bergren.
Gene Bergin.
Ron Quackenbush.
Additions 2/8/09
Ron Fazio.
Doug Garrison with his cromwell on in Grodon Ross's #19.
Fonda regular Doc Blanchard in a great shot..
Additions 3/8/09
Maynard Forrette drove this sedan later, this may be Irv Taylor.
Springfield Expo.
Rags Carter.
Additions 3/8/09
Don McTavish aboard the coach Dick Dixon was later to lose his life in..
Tim Hallock.
A pleased Jerry Cook with the harware.
Additions 12/26/14
Super CD
Dave Lape
Harry Peek