Rhode Island, 1950's. Check the photographer's feet, they aren't on the ground...
John Grady had been fascinated with the spectacle of stock car racing
since the early 1950's and has been clicking shutters ever since. His
photographs have captured the legends of the sport through it's history and
are widely regarded as some of the best. Over the years his contributions to
the racing trade papers and personal collections have made his work as
legendary as those daredevils he captured on film. We're pleased to display
his photo's here, they are all worth 1000 words and a testament to his
ability as a photographer. He's also a lot of fun, if you ever get the chance
to talk with John, seize the opportunity. You'll be glad you did.
Frankie Schnieder tears it up..
John simply calls this one 'I should have stayed in bed'.
Al Deangelo with the 3A
An early shot of Bugsy Stevens.
Link Petit in the RU21 @ Menands in 1955. Note the 'Twin Fire' on the hood.
Sherm Saunders
Don Hendenberg with Dave Mcredy's S33
Doug Garrison with the Gordon Ross #19
Jumpin Jack Johnson
Steady Eddie..
Jeep Herbert with the Mott 3.
This supercharged, nitro fed crossfire flathead was tamed by Doug Garrison.
D.D. 'Rebel' Harris with the Joe Lawrence built AAA.
One of John's favorites, Pete Corey with his Mustang.
Danny Gadauosi (I probably murdered that spelling..) at Waterbury, neat car.
Lou Lazzaro.
'The Catskill Comet' Jerry Townley with the 'Pop' Wilcox 32 from New Berlin.
The 'Track of Champions' got it's name from Pete Corey , here with the flamin' 22.
Utica Rome Feature Lineup.
More to come...
Updates 10/14/06
From Fred Smith's collection.
Dif during his stint in the Sandman coupe.
The 'Flying Judge' Jack Farquar.
Don MacTavish aside the D-8.
Pepper Eastman.
Steve Danish.
Updates 10/29/06
Lou Lazzaro, Pete Corey, Howie Westervelt and Jeep Herbert.
Lee Osborne and Dutch Hoag at Fulton.
Lee Millington in Frank Trinkaus #62.
Da Champ.
Richie Evans liked John F. Kennedy.
Wily Will.
Bill Slater waves from the 'Connecticut Valley Rocket'.
Updates 12/4/06
The 'Winged Warrior' Bill Wimble.
The Cross Brothers car from New Berlin NY.
Junior Ambrose.
Tommy Corellis.
Chuck Boos.
Updates 12/23/06
Rene Charland takes the flag as Cliff Kotary looks on.
Don Wayman in Franks Express.
Dave Kneisel in the LynMar special.
The high banks of Lebanon Valley in the early 1960's
Andy Romano.
Al Tasnady in the Cozze Coach.
Jim Luke in Pop Wilcox's #32.
Rapid Robbie Kotary.
Frank Smith captured Long Islands' Ted Tappet in the late 1940's @ Riverside Park in Agawam, Mass. Ted was the 1949 Champ, thanks to Mike Monnat for the info.
Updates 2/4/07
Mike Ehring.
Jim Shampine.
Paul Radford.
Tommy Corellis in the Leto 50.