Welcome to our website where we speak no, see no, and hear no evil...although we
do monkey around quite  a bit, especially with old Flathead Ford powered Modifed
Stock Cars. Not really sure if we're truly InFamous, but it worked out well for the
acronym, and basically fits in describing our time with the Midstate Stock Car
Clubs and all their derivatives.. If you're looking for the MASCC Website then don't
panic, the web address reamins the same and I've archived the site here. However
this is no longer the official site of the club and the archived section remains only
because I hate to throw away my hard work on it. All club related items are under
teh archives including members, event reports, history, etc. You can even still order
a shirt there if you want to. This new section will continue to be dedicated to the
history of racing in New York State, our involvement in that history and
preservation therof, as well as our projects and interests. Many, if not all, features
from the former site will reamin. And yes, that is me in the upper right hand corner..
so now you understnd the typos??  OK - let's have some fun.