Wayne Hommel 82
 This car (30x90 Pennsylvania Bug) was purchased in kit form from Dick
Tobias by Selinsgrove area farmer and trucker Wayne Hommel in 1964.
Wayne pieced the car together using a Halibrand Champ quickchange rear, a
'39 Ford toploader with all but high gear removed for an 'in/out' box and and
a crate 427 side oiler for motivation. He raced the car at Selinsgrove, Williams
Grove and Port Royal from 1965 to 1969. Wayne raced with carburation as the
first car across the line with a carburetor (versus injection) received a $100
bonus. After 1969 the car sat idle until 4 years ago when Steve Lenig
purchased it, removed and returned the (now stuck) side oiler, did some
brake work and then moved onto other projects. Steve also owns the Bogar 99
bug and decided that two was one too many, and offered up this one for sale
last year. I saw it on the Williams Grove Website, got in contact with Steve and
we made a deal. The same trip netted a 1964 4 barrel 390 (325 Hp) Ford FE
big block and we were set. Steve threw in the magneto, headers, motor
mounts and coupler so we were able to set this up just as it ran.
  The car was completely intact minus the engine and wing. The belts, seat,
gauges, etc. were all there and in good shape, likely because the wing saved
them. Dad delivered the car and engine to Bill Cummings in South
Edmeston, NY, he and his boys tore into it - getting the engine running then
installing it in record time. Dad built a strong wing and Rick Hanson matched
the lettering perfectly. The end result is a running original car - that's quite a
handful believe me.. On our maiden voyage I climbed aboard (an unique
adventure in it's own right..) and Dad pushed me off. Once it fired we were off
- quickly I may add. This was really a lot to pay attention to, you won't get
bored driving it I'll just say that. Likely some better shocks, tires, and an
actual track would be better but it sure ran good, and it was thrilling to boot. I
can't imagine being on a track with 25 more of these 30x90 - with twice the
horsepower! All struggling just to keep them straight and standing on it - now
that would be a thrill!!!
  I have looked all over for an original photo of this car to no avail - if anyone
has one - please let us know.
Bill Cummings and crew.
Steve Lenig.
Origianl paint even..
Dad ready to push it off.
Fun mosquito repeller..
A handfull..
Who said anything about a Monkey..
The End.
1968 all over again.