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"The Way We Were"
Updates 5/23/2010
Brookfield Pits 1988.
Jerry Burch and Donnie Wonder.
Mark Lindboe.
Rick Smith.
Ralph Raasted's #88.
Doug Raasted flip at Weedsport.
Tedd Scott, Fonda 1987.
Brewerton 1989, Rusty Carpenter77, Mark Linboe 138, Tim Mayne Tc9, Bobby Swehlai 20, Garry Yaw BJ21.
Bob and Rob Overton.
Floyd and Bobby Swhelia.
More to come...
Updates 6/22/2010
Fulton May 6, 1995 - Tom Witter 55, Jim Chase 150, Tom Toomey 9, Larry Witter 4, and Sammy Reakes 37. Don Edds Photo contributed by Larry Witter.
Cliff Kotary, DIRT HOF inaugural induction ceremony, Weedsport 1992.
Carl Carpenter sideway at Penn Can in the Kneisal coach.
Dad sporting a Cromwell at Can-Am.
Fulton 1989, Howard Light 89, Jeff Ackerman 96 and Gary Yaw BJ21.
Jim Florence at Penn Can.
Eddie Oneil at Utica-Rome.
Ron Waterson 6 and Jeff Ackerman 96 at Utica-Rome.
Scott Wilson at Fonda.
First time out for the 43, Brrokfield 1984.