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"The Way We Were"
Updates 3/25/2010
New Venture - 1960's class.
Clarence Bushey's tow rig was as nice as the car.
A familiar site early on, Cal Lane with the checkers.
Ralph and Carl at Dundee.
Floyd Swehla.
Gary Yaw at Brewerton.
Howard Light at Dundee.
Warmups at Fulton, 1989.
Jeff Ackerman at Fonda.
The Reading Rocket, Russ Smith at Dundee, 1989.
Me, Cliff Kotary and Dad at Utica Rome in 1989.
More to Come..
Donnie Kuhn at Penn Can.
Dave Yager at Penn Can.
Hollis Wood at Penn Can.
Scott Turner at Fonda.
Walt Schlierman at Fulton.
Tom Witter at Penn Can.
Ron Waterson at New Venture.
Rick Yager at Brookfield.
Jim Florence's nice Sportsman.
Updates 4/24/2010
Alan Johnson bought my coupe, took it to Brookfield and his mechanic promptly flipped it in turn three..
Mark Lindboe, 50-50 Girl Carl Carpenter and Mike Chase.
My brother Tom at Utica-Rome. I brought this sedan home in my pickup..
Brewerton 1989, this shot became our logo for years.
Lined up fo rwarmups at Fulton in 1989.
Buddy Jim Banks at  Penn Can.
Mike Cole at Penn Can.
Mike and Donny Jones home built, low buck racer gave everyone fits. Donny is on Alan Johnson's bumper.
Bill Fish ran strong.
The Ross coupe at Penn Can.
Rob Overton at Penn Can.
Jerry worked one entire winter revamping his car, and lost a whopping 50 lbs..
The Reading Rocket was tough stuff at Penn Can.
Al Derouin won his share in his nice sedan.
Tom Moore at Utica-Rome.
Greg Kellog at Penn Can.
Tom Toeder really turned RPM's with his Chevy 6.
Mark Linboe wasn't bashful. Cliff Kotary and I looked at this turbo set up at Utica rome one night and made a bet, Cliff won, I figured it'd make two laps..
Mark Lindboe's redone 138 at Fulton.
Mark Lindboe 138 and Sal Presti S360.
Dad at Oswego on some old M+H tyres..