Offical Midsate Antique Stock Car Club Logo
Here are the photos that record the History of the club through the
years. When we started, it was true junkyard motors and restored cars.
I remember putting together our first flathead with pigeon dropping
covered rods from Willie Wust's garage attic, Dad and I assembled it in
a shed one evening by trouble light as it rained outside. Total cost was
$25. And this was normal at the time. From these humble beginnings,
our club grew and we raced at many nice venues: Fonda, 5 Mile Point,
Brookfield, eventually branching out to New Venture (Uticar-Rome),
Dundee, Woodhull, Lebanon Valley and Penn Can. It was a lot of fun,
wish we could do it again.
These photographs are from many collections; Carl Carpenter, Richard
Ackerman, Mel Ogden, myself and some recently sent to me from current
MVSCC member Ed Rohr - thank you to all.
"The Way We Were"
Mel Ogden's #196, we put this on a trailer with the frame broke in half one night at Fonda - in the dark...
1st show at Fonda, 1984.
Ralph Raasted.
Mel's Circle 22 Butcher-Doig sedan, now Dave Conde's #441.
Mel's #67 Ray Kennedy coupe, Jim Chase owns this one now.
Dave Allen's #76 Chevy coupe, Jeff Wiggins at front.
Carl Carpenter.
Bob Butcher Jr.
Steve Decosa, he flat-towed with the 1939 Sedan at right.
Norm Raasted won a bunch early on.
5 Mile Point, Tim Mayne, Mel Ogdne and Norm Raasted.
Tim Mayne's Tc9, Brookfield 1984.
Dad on teh way to Brookfield 1984, Tom and Jeff Wiggens fiddle with our $25 flathead.
Fonda 1985, the last time the club started us both on the pole as we're both colorblind and took off on yellow..
Buddy Bardwell was our first measuring stick.
Art Johnson kicked our tails at Fonda.
Whip Mateychuk, Dad and Cal Lane at Fonda.
Flathead George's car was beautiful, and fast.
Clarence Bushey's car was as nice as they came.
Phil Taber drove this car for Mel Ogden, it's the Don Elliot #24 from Penn Can.
Rick Smith was part of the New Berlin contingent.
Ed and Scott Wilson from Gilbertsville at New Venture.
Cal Lane made us all better, his car was superb.
More to come..
Updates 3/9/2010
Mel @ 5MP in 1984. Fred Smith Photo.
Jerry Whitmarsh with the Lemon Drop.
Ally Amell became a fixture in our club.
My first car.
Wade and Carl Camenga were regulars for years.
Bill Best was part of a very good brother team, with the 'SmurfMobile'.
Blazing Buddy.
Bob Paul - first car I saw hit 6500 RPM in the pits..
John Bair was tough with his 300 Ford.
Big John Ross.
President Carl Carpenter and VP Carl Camenga on a hot day.
Jerry Wynn at Utica-Rome.
George Munger's Chevy was sharp.
Don and Greg Kellog restored the S360 and were tough competiton.
John Pegg ran the only AMC engine in the club, and won two in a row.
Mike Chase's #45.
Chuck Adams #46.
Dad at Fonda.
Ronnie Cross at Fonda.